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Happy Earth Day! You can help save dogs and the earth

Toxic poisons are used to kill stray dogs in many countries -- the poisons then go on to pollute the environment.

You can help stop this inhumane pollution!

Why are the dogs being killed?

The answer: "To control the stray dog population."

We believe a better way "To control the stray dog population" is to humanely sterilize the dogs, instead of killing them.

Please join us as we develop environmentally clean, permanent-lasting birth control cookies, to be used instead of poison "To control the stray dog population" around the world.

Help us as we develop the "permanent-lasting, one-dose birth-control cookie," also known as the Spay and Neuter Cookie, that is being designed to sterilize a stray in just one dose (one cookie), without surgery.

It is non-toxic, non-lethal, cruelty-free and safe.

Join today and help solve this problem!


Alex Pacheco

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You


Animal Rights Hall of Fame




PETA Co-Founder

Chairman, 1980-2000

Sea Shepherd

Crew Member of the Year

Peace Abbey

Courage of Conscience Award


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