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Current Studies

Our latest study is underway featuring 40+ new Pilot Pups! 


Pilot Pups are stray dogs who we have rescued from the streets. We've nicknamed them Pilot Pups because we include them in our pilot studies to develop the One-Dose Spay and Neuter Cookie. 


Each Pilot Pup eats a single trial Cookie. The trial Cookie is formulated to have a safe, low dose of the birth control ingredients we’re studying. 


A month later, each Pup has a normal spay/neuter surgery so that pathologists can examine the treated ovaries/testes that are removed during the surgery.


By studying these treated ovaries/testes, we can determine the effectiveness of each trial Cookie. The more follicles that are impaired (the higher the "count") the better, and the closer the Pilot Pup is to being infertile. 


Last but not least, our Pups live in loving homes, not laboratories. 

Each Pilot Pup is adopted into a forever home.

Histo 21Blaze magnifiedzoomed2-1.12.23.png

Blaze's ovarian follicles under a microscope.

For the safety of the Pilot Pup, we only increase key ingredients by very small, controlled amounts, one tiny step at a time.

Blaze 1148 after pilot pup happy.JPG

When Blaze was rescued by a 600 team member, she was terrified of just about everything. Luckily, her rescuer was able to win her over with some treats! Now, Blaze enjoys all the treats she wants in her adopted home.

Histo 22Lucky magnifiedzoomed2-1.12.23.png.png

Ovarian follicles of Pilot Pup Lucky.

The more follicles that are impaired the better, and the closer the dog is to being infertile.

Lucky 8068 happy holiday Pilot a1a.jpg

When Lucky was found, her leash was stuck on an iron hook. She was nearly strangling herself as she desperately tried to yank herself free. Thankfully, a 600 team member was able to safely remove her and bring her to our veterinarian. She is safe in her adopted home now!

Histo 7Jasper magnifiedzoomed2-1.12.23.png

Jasper’s ovary under a microscope.

Jasper was rescued by a 600 team member from underneath a car. She was extremely lethargic…just skin and bones. She was taken to our veterinarian and is doing great now!

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