With your help, we can put an end to stray animal suffering ... 

All of the photos & videos on this page are of stray animals around the world 

This poor stray dog was crushed in a garbage truck. He was later rescued but suffered MANY injuries.

As you know, in America, we don't see as much of this inhumane treatment.


We bring it to your attention because stray dogs ARE inhumanely killed in over 60

countries with few to no laws against cruelty --

-- inhumane killing methods are used because they are very low cost. 

These killing methods of strays include:

  • beating to death

  • poisoning

  • shooting

  • electrocution

  • hanging

  • lacing food with crushed glass

  • crushing dogs to death in garbage trucks. 


Being dragged, to be crushed in a garbage truck

Mass killings of up to 45,000 dogs are ordered in places such as China and Brazil,

to remove strays from sight prior to high profile public events such as international conventions. 

An average of 1,000 stray dogs are killed each day in Mexico City with its estimated one to three million strays, and where poisoning and electrocution are the primary methods of animal control ... ​(ALL OF THE ABOVE TEXT IS FROM DOG FACT SHEET)

Stray mom with pups being captured.

Face cut off.

Badly injured, bleeding.

Badly burned neck

Hanging from fence.

Helpless and starving.

Dying from starvation.

Severe eye infection.


Severe skin infection.

Baghdad, Iraq, has an estimated one million stray dogs; since 2010 approximately forty teams of Iraqi employees have been issued shotguns to shoot stray dogs on sight


Kashmir, India: In 2009 a mass killing of 100,000 stray dogs was ordered, then cancelled -- yet the 100,000 strays remain on the streets.


Men beating stray dog to death with sticks.

Dead, wet puppies on the floor.

Men beating stray dog with sticks.

Starved to death.

Men beating stray dog to death.

Untreated severe injuries.

Please turn on audio for the videos below.

Dog looking at pile of dead dogs in a high-kill shelter, outside of the U.S.

Man stepping on neck of, and killing, puppy in a high-kill shelter, outside of the U.S.

Suffering, dying dog in a high-kill shelter, outside of the U.S.

Suffering from mange, a horrible skin condition.

Man standing on puppy's neck in a high-kill shelter.

Dying, starving, and badly injured.

A suffering stray kitten.


Severe, untreated injuries

Dog looking at pile of dead dogs in a high-kill shelter.

Dead, poisoned.

Open wounds.

Paralyzed stray cat.

Spirit, who was a stray dog tortured by a sadistic person dubbed the  Butcher of Bucharest, then rescued.

Dying, looking at pile of dead dogs.



Dog stretching during butcher illustration.

Stray cat with severe infection.

Sleeping on garbage

Dead, starved, stray pup.

Men hanging stray dog from tree. 

Stray dog with badly injured and infected head

Stray dog with badly injured and infected head

Horrible skin condition.

Badly broken leg.

Three dead dogs hanging.

Shot and killed, even spayed females. 

Brett-Cole-India-08677 nursing v2Sick Ne

We must not refuse to see with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies.

~Gretchen Wyler

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600 Million Stray Dogs Need You

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