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Photos of Suffering

Attention: These photos are graphic, but please don't turn away.

In the U.S., thousands of dogs and cats are still killed every DAY in shelters. And millions of uncaught strays live harsh, short lives outdoors.

This is terrible enough, but in many countries, strays suffer even more. Since our mission is a global one, we feel compelled to show what's happening outside the U.S.

We must not refuse to see with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies.

~Gretchen Wyler

Dog Abuse - Dog being taken to dumptruck animal cruelty
Dog Killing - Dog being crushed in garbage truck
Save the Dog - Dog in dumptruck

Live dog being crushed in a garbage truck. 

In over 60 countries, there are few to no laws against cruelty to animals, and stray dogs and cats are killed by extremely inhumane methods, including…

-- beating to death -- poisoning -- shooting -- electrocution -- hanging -- lacing food with crushed glass -- crushing dogs to death in garbage trucks.

Why are these methods used? Because they're very low-cost.

Stray mom with pups being captured.

Our goal is to end the global pet overpopulation crisis and end these acts of cruelty.  How? By developing the Spay and Neuter Cookie, which, when completed, will be capable of spaying and neutering - without surgery.

Help Dogs - Pilot Pup Autumn

Your donation not only goes to help end pet overpopulation and prevent the suffering of strays, it also allows us to rescue more pups like Autumn.


Autumn, one of our pilot pups was rescued at 12 weeks old after being abandoned and left to fend for herself. She was found suffering from a severe case of intestinal parasites and was as shy as could be.


Everyone, including her rescuers, fell in love with her at first sight, making her adoption process quick and easy. To this day, Autumn is still a very quiet and calm little lady. More than anything, though, she is super affectionate and loves nothing more than curling up in her favorite humans' laps for hours at a time.

Strays also suffer every day from starvation, untreated injuries and illnesses, and random acts of cruelty.  

Street Dog - Dead dog in the street in the mideast
Indian Dogs - Dead dog bloody head

 Even spayed females are shot and killed.

Men beating stray dogs to death in public.

Please unmute the videos below.

Dog looking at dead dogs in a high-kill shelter outside the U.S.

Crying puppy being killed in high-kill shelter outside the U.S.

Suffering, dying dog in a high-kill shelter outside the U.S.

Crying dog being killed at high-kill shelter outside the U.S.

animal rescue associations - pilot pup Frenchie

Your donation not only goes to help end pet overpopulation and prevent the suffering of strays, it also allows us to rescue more pups like Frenchie.

When our Pilot Pup Frenchie was first found, there were doubts that she would make it. She was skin and bones, and rescuers noticed that her legs looked to be deformed.

After several weeks of some tender love and care and plenty of nourishment, Frenchie was able to make a full recovery. We even realized through her recovery process that she loves to eat cantaloupe and bananas!

Today, Frenchie is a gentle, sweet, and happy little Bulldog who is grateful to those who saved her.