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Stray Dogs are
Being Mercile
Killed in Bahrain

Help Stop This

The shootings have been happening almost every day in the area of Askar. The dogs’ bodies are stuffed into trash bags and taken away in trucks.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a tiny, oil-rich, island nation in the Middle East, near Saudi Arabia. It's about the size of New York City. 

  • In early 2022, residents started to find the bodies of hundreds of dogs, half-buried in the sand in Askar, an area designated for strays by the government. In October 2022, the shootings became more systematic, and the dogs’ bodies were no longer left in the sand.

  • Veterinary medical reports and hundreds of horrifying photos of dead dogs are readily available, including photos of dead pups scattered on the ground, with eyewitness reports of mother dogs being shot while nursing their puppies.

  • Government officials will neither confirm nor deny that they are responsible for the shootings.



Tali was a victim of Bahrain’s brutal killings of stray dogs.


Kevin was loved, cared for, and friendly. He was one of the many homeless dogs who was mercilessly killed. 


A local animal rescuer found Tali, who had been shot in the chest, and brought her to the vet. A bullet was lodged near her heart. She tragically did not make it through the night.


An innocent dog approaches the vehicle, unaware that he or she will soon be shot and killed.

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Copy of himalayan caat.jpg
Copy of himalayan caat.jpg

Local residents are doing all they can to prevent the dogs from being killed, but international voices are needed to convince the government that these shootings must be stopped.

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Local rescuers in Bahrain saved this puppy in 2023.

Whitey cute dog in car gunshot Askar a1a October 2022 screen shot Bahrain dog shooting per

Whitey was shot and suffered from a bullet lodged into the muscle tissue near his heart. 


Stray dogs in Bahrain, 2023. By the time you read this, they may have already been shot. There are not enough rescuers to save them all unless the shooting stops and humane measures are put into place.


In October of 2023, this poor dog was beaten by a teenage boy and left to die. This type of random violence is common, and the government fails to act when abuse is reported.


Two stray dogs in Askar, 2023. Sadly, they are in grave danger of being shot at any time.


Local animal rescuers were able to get him to the vet for help, but most dogs are not as lucky.


Stray dogs in Bahrain, like the one pictured above, are living in a nightmare. Every day they face thirst, starvation, intentional cruelty, and a high probability of being shot to death.


After he was beaten by the teenage boy, local rescuers found him and brought him to the vet. Tragically, he did not survive.

A small group of volunteers have been desperately working to help these dogs. 

They regularly patrol Askar to try to stop more dogs from being shot.

They work tirelessly to rescue, feed, and place the dogs in safe homes. The group has also been doing Catch, Neuter and Release (CNR) in their best effort to prevent more dogs from suffering, but much more help is needed.


We are asking for help in bringing this tragedy the attention it deserves. The government of Bahrain needs to be convinced to take action and stop these shootings. The message: these cruel shootings are tarnishing the international good reputation of Bahrain.

We strongly encourage people to share this issue on social media to raise awareness about this dire situation.


A person preparing to shoot and kill stray dogs, out the window of a vehicle.

If you haven’t already, please sign the petition found here:


Every time someone signs the petition, an email is sent to the Crown Prince of Bahrain and other government officials. 


If you prefer to contact them directly with a personal message, here are their email addresses. The Crown Prince is the most important official. His email address is,,,,


X-ray image of a bullet embedded in a stray dog’s chest.

Copy of himalayan caat.jpg
Copy of himalayan caat.jpg
Copy of himalayan caat.jpg

If you have any connections in the media or know of any social media influencers who would be willing to speak up on this issue, please get in touch with us at

Copy of himalayan caat.jpg

Stray dog in Bahrain, 2023. Local animal rescuers are doing all they can to protect dogs from being brutally killed. International attention is needed to convince the government to take action to stop the shootings.


Can you help advocate for these innocent, loving dogs of Bahrain? Please share this page wherever you can.


Stray dogs in Bahrain. They are in desperate need of help or they will be shot and killed.


Local rescuers in Bahrain saved these puppies in 2023.

These are some of the actions that residents want the government to take in order to help protect the dogs of Bahrain today and in the future.

  • Reopen the government vet clinic so companion animal guardians can have access to discounted vet care for their companion animals, including vaccinations and spay/neuter. Currently, there are no low-cost vet clinics to ease the burden of paying for a sick or injured pet.

  • Stop all breeding, imports, and selling of dogs and cats in any form on the island for at least a 10-year period. This would reduce the number of stray animals in Bahrain and ease the burden on the rescuers.

  • Provide animal welfare education in schools, to prevent more cruelty to strays in the future.

  • Ratify the animal welfare laws currently on the books, written in 2014: “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Law (Regulation) For the Gulf Co-operation Council States of the Arabian Gulf States.”  

  • Hold accountable those who abuse animals in any way. Random acts of violence against stray dogs are very common in Bahrain, especially after the media publishes a negative story about stray dogs.


Local rescuers in Bahrain saved these puppies in 2023.

Local residents are doing all they can to prevent the dogs from being killed, but they face many dangers. Witnesses have been intimidated to stay quiet. 

Despite the danger, a few brave individuals have filed complaints with the police, but they also report that authorities thus far have done virtually nothing to stop the abuse. 

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See the Killings with Your Own Eyes.

WARNING: Graphic Images Below

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500 x 500 vape city (1).png
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Stray dogs who were killed and left half-buried in the sand in Bahrain in 2022. This was before the shootings became more systematic. As of this writing, the dead dogs are being taken away in pickup trucks immediately after being shot.

One of the many victims of the stray dog shootings in Bahrain. Photo taken in 2022.

In 2022, local residents began finding the bodies of dogs half-buried in the sand.

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500 x 500 vape city (5).png

One of the countless dogs killed in Bahrain in 2022 –bleeding out, covered in flies. 

A dog shot in the face in Bahrain in 2022. 

Dog killed and left to decompose in Bahrain in 2022.

In this video from June 20, 2023, a wounded dog is running down the street, then collapses. A pickup truck comes by, and men put the dog in a plastic bag, then into the truck. Free-roaming dogs are removed from other areas of Bahrain and dumped in the remote area of Askar, where they are later shot to death. PRESSURE from the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY is needed to convince the government of Bahrain that allowing this cruel treatment of stray dogs is tarnishing Bahrain’s reputation. 

As reported by eyewitnesses, this video shows a person shooting a dog out of a van window in Askar, Bahrain, in 2023. The shooter then picks up the bullet casings. A pickup truck comes along to put the shot dogs in plastic bags and take them away. The world community needs to tell the Bahrain government that these shootings must be stopped!

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