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From suffering to safety! Celebrate valentines and save a life!

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Rescued Pilot Pups Siti, Ruby, and Nell!

As the world celebrates Valentine's Day, our hearts are dedicated to those often overlooked — stray, homeless dogs and cats. 


When Team 600 found Siti, she was curled up next to a heap of cow dung, a place no living creature should call home. Her fragile body was covered in ticks, showing just how long she'd been forgotten and left to fend for herself.  


Now Siti is healthy, safe, and adored. She’s also one of the newest additions to our beloved team of Pilot Pups! 


This Valentine's Day, join us in turning love into action.


As you may know, our nonprofit, science-centered mission is to end the #1 cause of suffering and death for dogs and cats worldwide — overpopulation — by developing a one-dose Cookie that, when completed, will spay or neuter a stray, without surgery!


Around the world, stray dogs and cats are subjected to unthinkable horrors: many are poisoned, shot, or even fed food laced with broken glass.


Keep reading below the signature to meet two more of our Pilot Pups and learn more about our work to end the suffering of stray animals!


We're a small grassroots group, doing the work that drug companies should be doing -- but they refuse to help. 


We receive no help from the government and no help from corporations … which is why a gift of any amount will help.


Please join us on this mission -- together we will end a huge amount of suffering.


For those of us with little money to spare but who still want to help, we have a $1 a month feature … because each of us can start helping animals for just $1 a month.


Thank you for helping us end the suffering.


What’s a Pilot Pup?


Our Pilot Pups are a central part of our life-saving work.


Let's be clear: the well-being of our beloved Pilot Pups is our top priority. They're safe under the watchful eye of a caring vet or snuggled up in a loving home. 


Our canine heroes are never in a laboratory!

We rescue dogs from some of the world’s most cruel and unforgiving streets. They are given top-notch veterinary care for any injuries or illnesses they may have. Once they’ve undergone a veterinary examination to ensure that they are in good health, each Pilot Pup gets a special trial Cookie.


This isn't just any treat — it includes a safe, carefully measured dose of the birth control formula we're crafting.


Our scientists are meticulous with their work. After eating a trial Cookie, each Pup undergoes a routine spay or neuter surgery. However, instead of throwing away the tissues as would happen after the usual spay and neuter surgery, we preserve these tissues, and our veterinary pathologists microscopically examine them, allowing us to determine the effectiveness of the trial Cookie.

Our Pilot Pup program is all about compassion and innovation. We're dedicated to creating a future where every stray dog or cat can live a life free from pain, loneliness, and suffering.

Meet Nell and Ruby, two more of our latest Pilot Pups, the true valentines of 600 Million Dogs.


We’re excited to report that in recent months we have rescued over 100 Pilot Pups.

rescue dogs, dogs, rescue dog, stray dogs
Pilot Pup Nell

On a day when the heat was almost unbearable, Team 600 got an urgent call about a dog in distress.


We found Nell, battling the sweltering conditions, her panting a clear sign of her desperate thirst.


The concerned caller had been watching Nell for two days, as the poor dog frantically sniffed through the dirt for food.


Although the caller was afraid to get too close, Team 600 was able to bring Nell to safety.

rescue dogs, dogs, rescue dog, stray dogs
Pilot Pup Ruby

Ruby was nearly hit by a car, but thankfully, Team 600 was right there to guide her to safety across the busy road.


Once she was out of harm's way, it was obvious she needed more than just a safe passage; she was in desperate need of nourishment and tender care.


As we tended to her, Ruby's eyes met ours, and in that silent exchange, her gratitude was unmistakable, speaking volumes without a single word.

Dogs and cats deserve people like you who will stand up for their right to exist!


This Valentine’s Day, support strays with love.


Together, we can stop the suffering ... before it starts!


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