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Cat Killing Contest

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In a shocking turn of events, New Zealand recently bore witness to a deeply disturbing cat hunting contest that not only took the lives of innocent felines but also initially targeted children as participants. This horrifying event demands our immediate attention and collective action to put an end to such cruelty.

The Contest

Last month, New Zealand was shaken by an appalling cat killing contest with a $250 prize for whomever killed the most cats. One of the rules of the so called “contest” invited the “hunters” to only kill stray cats. Animal protection activists pointed out that it is impossible to distinguish between feral, stray, and frightened pet cats, but this did not prevent the contest from taking place.

Their approach of violence and extermination raises significant ethical concerns and contradicts the principles of compassion and respect for all lives.

What’s even more unsettling is the number of people that show up to slaughters of this kind. Last year, according to the media, the event drew more than 250 children who killed 427 animals.

To top it all, this mass killing event was part of a June fundraiser hunt for a local school in North Canterbury. Schools should teach other values other than “kill innocent stray cats to make money.”

Unsettling Reports and Cruelty

Following multiple complaints, the events organizers decided to remove the under-14 category from the competition. Originally, this category invited children to kill as many stray cats as possible for the chance to win a price of $250.

Reports from local animal rights activists paint a distressing picture, describing scenes where children, some as young as 7, are swinging lifeless animals in their faces.

Shocking images and videos circulating online showcase children smiling alongside the lifeless bodies of innocent kittens, contributing to an environment of insensitivity and disregard for life.

The Irony of Killing to Save

While the organizers argue that killing feral cats is essential to protect native species, it is vital not to overlook the tragic irony of killing animals to save animals.

Preservation efforts should focus on addressing the root causes of ecological imbalances and finding compassionate, sustainable solutions that do not involve the needless suffering and killing of innocent beings.

cat killing content - cat fight - stray cat

As you know, we at 600 Million Dogs are working tirelessly to develop the one-dose spay and neuter Cookie. Our mission is to end the cycle of suffering and killing endured by stray cats and dogs worldwide. This mass killing contest serves as an example of what we are trying to prevent.

We cannot rely solely on humankind’s common sense not to kill innocent cats. Therefore we must implement a solution that stops humans from considering such “solutions” like the cat hunting contest but also addresses the root causes of the issue.

Taking a Stand

We implore every compassionate individual to unite their voices and take a firm stand against these cat killing contests in New Zealand.

It is our collective responsibility to demand that such cruel and inhumane activities be halted immediately.

By signing the petition and joining this cause, we can create a powerful wave of change that resonates through the corridors of justice and compassion.

Thank you for your time, compassion, and commitment to animal protection.


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