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Please SPEAK UP for cats and sign the petition below!

A PETITION to Mayor Marie Black

Dear Mayor Black,


I, the undersigned, have recently become aware of a deeply disturbing cat-hunting contest taking place in North Canterbury, New Zealand.


Killing cats for fun, encouraging children to kill helpless animals, and displaying the carcasses of dead kittens are practices that teach children to enjoy the pain and suffering of others.


I understand that New Zealand wants to preserve its native species, and that is an important goal. But the torture and killing of defenseless animals is wrong and should be stopped. Surely, in the 21st century, we can do better than this.


Authorities should focus on addressing the root causes of cat overpopulation, and mass murdering cats definitively goes in the wrong direction.


Please do everything in your power to stop these contests from taking place in North Canterbury ever again. It is crucial that New Zealand adopts and enforces better spaying and neutering policies that protect the lives of innocent cats who are currently falling victim to these brutal acts.


By promoting the responsible care of companion animals and by strongly supporting newer, more humane methods of animal population control, we can work towards a society that promotes kindness and respect for all.


Thank you.

Fill out the form below to sign this petition and have it emailed to Mayor Marie Black. 

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