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Your journey to end cruelty, Chapter 4 Don't Wait

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Thank you again for caring! In this part of our Welcome series, I begin to describe the science behind our work to End the number 1 Cause of Suffering for Dogs and Cats ...

... by creating a permanent-lasting birth control cookie that only needs to be eaten one time! ...


... but I first need to update you on the Pilot Pups, who play a crucial role in these pilot studies.


A quick recap:

Bad news:

Dog and cat overpopulation is the number 1 cause of suffering in the world for dogs and cats.

Around the world, horrific methods are used to kill stray dogs, such as beating them to death, crushing them to death in garbage trucks, poisoning them, using electrocution, shooting them, etc.


Drug companies should be doing the work we are doing, but they refuse to help.

Good news:

We are on track to End the number 1 cause of suffering for dogs and cats -- but we need your help.


For just $1 a month you can help save animals.

Pilot Pups: Their role in Ending the number 1 cause of suffering for dogs and cats

1) To end the inhumane killing of stray dogs around the world due to overpopulation, we are developing permanent-lasting birth control food -- for dogs and then for cats, and for both males and females.

2) The dogs we work with are nicknamed Pilot Pups. The permanent-lasting birth control food we are creating is nicknamed the Spay and Neuter Cookie.

3) No animals are harmed in our work.

4) Pilot Pups are homeless dogs who we rescue from the streets.

5) Upon rescue, Pilot Pups are at first housed temporarily in a veterinary clinic, foster home or a no-kill shelter before they are adopted into a permanent home. 


6) Pilot Pups are never in a laboratory.

7) The day they are rescued, Pilot Pups are often found malnourished and terrified. Sometimes they are also suffering from illness or a disease, are injured and/or already pregnant.


8) When we rescue a Pilot Pup, our veterinarians immediately provide any needed medical care, and an overall health checkup and examination. We treat them for worms and other parasites and skin diseases as needed. We give them nourishing food and a clean, safe and comfortable place to rest and recover from their lifetime of misery on the streets -- and of course we give them love and affection.


9) While at the veterinary clinic, when they are healthy and stable, each is then fed a single trial cookie.


10) Soon after the Pilot Pup eats the trial Cookie, she is then given another health evaluation, and if she passes, she leaves the clinic and goes to her foster home. If she does not pass the health evaluation, she remains at the clinic and is given whatever medical care she needs, until she is healthy enough to go to her foster home.

11) Approximately 30 days after eating the single trial cookie, she comes back to the clinic, and our veterinarian gives her another health evaluation, and if she passes, the veterinarian then performs a normal spay surgery. Soon after, she then goes home again.


12)  We continue to give each Pilot Pup health examinations to make sure they are safe and healthy -- they  are then adopted to loving homes.

13) Then the histology stage of our studies begins. For example, the ovaries, which were removed as part of the normal spay surgery, then go through the process of being microscopically examined. 

14) All of the above is essential, and it is only a small fraction of the work we must continue to carry out, to create the permanent-lasting birth control cookie, to End the number 1 Cause of Suffering for Dogs and Cats.

In the next part of our Welcome Series, I will focus on the chemistry and histology involved with the Spay and Neuter Cookie.

The bad news: We are a small nonprofit doing work that for-profit drug companies should be doing -- but they refuse to help.

The good news: We’re getting closer every day ... but we need your help!

For as little as $1 a month, you can help stop the suffering before it begins.

Thank you. Your help is very much needed and deeply appreciated.



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