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Who doesn't love fireworks? Your dog!

I am NOT coming out of here!

Independence Day is almost here! We hope you have a fun-filled day planned with your friends and family, including the non-human ones! One problem: when fireworks go off, dogs and cats have no way of knowing the “Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!” is just for fun. They’re thinking: “I gotta get OUT of here, now!” That’s why more companion animals get lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. Here are some tips for keeping them safe when fireworks are going off: 1. If you go out for the evening, leave them home, INDOORS, in a room where they can’t hurt themselves: for example, by crashing through a window, knocking over a lamp, or locking themselves in a closet! Oh, yes, they will! 2. Some say it helps to use soft music to cover up the noise of the fireworks. 3. Remember your neighbors may set off their own fireworks at unusual times, like midnight on July 3rd or 4th. Look for more tips on the 4th! When fireworks go off, stray dogs and cats have no one to hug them and say, "It's OK. Nobody's gonna hurt you." They have no one to protect them from the very real dangers they face every day, such as starvation, injury, and being deliberately killed. At 600 Million Dogs, our goal is to save entire future generations of stray animals from suffering. To learn more, visit Please consider a gift of any amount. Thank you!

Have a happy and relaxing 4th!


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