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Alex Pacheco calls on NYC Democratic Mayor de Blasio to stop drowning helpless rats

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Officials in Brooklyn are drowning helpless rats in horrific devices ... rather than using humane methods of population control.

Recently, Eric Adams (Brooklyn Borough President) announced the use of  “Ekomilles” … cruel devices which slowly drown rats in a “soup” of alcohol. They are baited, then dumped through a trap door, left to struggle and die among the bodies of previous victims.

Rats are social, affectionate, and intelligent. They do not deserve to die in such a cruel way.

2 cute rats in hut ~ 600 Million Dogs Alex Pacheco

We urge you to take action against this senseless killing. This is a short-sighted and ineffective plan and this inhumane killing must be stopped.

Please contact Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams by phone at (718) 802-3700 and by email at and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio at (212) 639-9675 and by online message at

Tell them these traps are unnecessary and brutal and that they need to abandon the drowning and instead focus on exclusion.

(Exclusion is the process of removing food and waste, blocking entry points into buildings, and other methods to deter rats. These, along with birth control, are humane means of population control.)

Please contact them as often as you can until this cruelty has stopped!

2 grey rats eating ~ 600 Million Dogs Alex Pacheco

We know that a permanent, LONG-TERM solution is needed.

At 600 Million Dogs, we’re working to develop the ideal alternative: permanent, safe, inexpensive birth-control food that only needs a one-time administration.

A food that could be given just once and it will prevent reproduction for the rest of an animal’s life!

These rats need this. The millions of homeless dogs and cats killed in shelters each year need this.

The problem is, permanent birth-control food is still in the R&D stage, and big drug companies are not working on it.

We’re determined to blaze a path forward by developing this product, even though we’re a small, grassroots nonprofit organization.

We're working on a permanent solution. We've made progress but we need full-time scientists to finish the job, and we need your help!

If you would like to support the work of 600 Million Dogs, and the development of a permanent birth-control food, please make a tax-deductible gift of any amount. It will make a tangible impact ... and the animals will be forever grateful.

Best Wishes,

Maria Papazian


600 Million Dogs

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