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Too many go missing on this day…

As we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July, we need to consider the animals we share the planet with. Loud noises and sudden bursts of light can be extremely stressful for companion animals and wildlife. 


More companion animals get lost on 4th of July than any other day of the year, though this is preventable! To stop them from bolting in panic, keep them inside in the evenings around July 4, and on a leash during walks. As a backup measure, keep your animal’s ID tags and microchip information up to date with current contact information.

Here's a quick checklist of tips for protecting dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, and even local wildlife! 


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Create a comfortable, quiet area in your home where your dog can retreat and feel secure during the fireworks. A quiet room with familiar toys and bedding will help put your dog at ease.



Make sure your cat has access to their favorite hiding spots, such as under the bed or in a closet. Adding a cozy blanket or bed in these areas can make them feel more secure.



Keep your bunny indoors with something to hide under whenever they're scared (which happens a lot, not just during fireworks)!

Hamsters and other small mammals:


Provide your small mammals with extra bedding. This will allow them to burrow and increase their feelings of comfort and security.



Consider not setting off fireworks, especially near wooded areas, ponds, or other wildlife habitats to minimize stress to wild animals. If they don't already know, consider mentioning to your friends and neighbors that fireworks aren't fun for animals.

Thank you for making this 4th of July a safer experience for animals.

Sadly, stray dogs and cats have no one to comfort them when they're frightened by loud noises and bright flashes of light. They have no one to protect them from very real dangers of living on the streets.


Our mission is to end the number 1 cause of suffering and death for dogs and cats -- overpopulation -- by developing a permanent-lasting birth control cookie that will only need to be eaten one time, and it will in effect spay or neuter -- without surgery.

Help end the number 1 cause of suffering for dogs and cats ... for as little as $1 a month. 

Thanks for caring about animals, and Happy Independence Day!


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