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Scientists confirm animals have feelings (duh!)

Good news! Over 200 experts have already signed the “The New York Declaration on Animal Consciousness,” which confirms what we already know: animals are conscious, sentient beings who have emotions just like we do. [1]

New discoveries on animal consciousness led to the creation of the declaration, which hopefully will lead society to treat animals better. According to Yahoo news, “Scientists’ changing understanding of animal sentience could have implications for U.S. law, which does not classify animals as sentient on a federal level.” [2] 

For example, zebrafish show signs of curiosity. Bees have playful behaviors. Cuttlefish remember details from their past. Animals can suffer just like us, and they can also be incredibly happy. As humans, we have the unique opportunity to be their heroes. 

If you have "relevant experience (for example, a graduate education or the equivalent in science, philosophy, or policy)," please visit and sign!

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Thanks so much for caring about animals!




Joan Welte
Joan Welte

Thank you for all you do for animals of all kinds!!! You are very much appreciated!!

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