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Rabies Tragedy: Could This Have Been Prevented?

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Recently, a 2-year-old girl tragically lost her life due to a bite from a stray dog, according to the Times of India. The dog also died of rabies shortly afterwards.

The toddler's family initially overlooked the incident, assuming it to be a typical dog bite. As the girl's symptoms worsened, she started biting and scratching people around her. Her family rushed her to the hospital, but it was too late.

Those who had been in contact with the girl feared they might have contracted the infection. However, authorities reassured the community that rabies is indeed a curable infection if diagnosed and treated promptly, before symptoms appear.

dog bite - stray dog - dog incident - stray dog bite

Rabies is a terrible disease for all concerned, and there is an added problem: when efforts to control it are ineffective, it can lead to public fear, anger, hate and a lethal backlash against innocent, harmless stray dogs. In many instances, the mere suspicion of rabies serves as a justification for mass killing or cruel treatment of all strays.

This does little to solve the public health crisis or reduce the population of homeless animals.

Earlier this year, over 80 random stray dogs were brutally killed in Turkapally, a village in India, following human deaths from rabies in various locations in India.

By working to develop humane, permanent-lasting birth control for stray animals, 600 Million Dogs aims to prevent tragedies like these. We’re working to protect humans from the spread of rabies, and protect stray dogs from cruel treatment.

Pet overpopulation remains a critical issue, causing immense suffering to dogs and cats across the globe. With over one billion homeless animals struggling to survive on the streets, the urgency to find a humane and effective solution is paramount.

Our nonprofit science-centered mission is to significantly reduce animal suffering on a global scale by developing a safe, edible, one-dose, permanent-lasting birth control Cookie for stray dogs and cats. Take action today and be a catalyst for change in the lives of our companion animals - join us on this extraordinary mission to make a lasting impact on the world. Together, we can create a brighter future for nonhumans and humans alike.

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Cher, a Pilot Pup rescued by


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