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Prepared for a $6,500 vet bill?

vet bill, dog, dogs, animals, pet hospital
Rescued Pilot Pup Jane received the veterinary care she desperately needed, paid for by 600MillionDogs

Are you prepared to face the costs of unexpected veterinary bills?


Every six seconds, a companion animal guardian is faced with a veterinary bill of more than $1,000, according to an article by NBC News. “Treating stomach conditions (the most common serious illness for dogs and cats) can cost up to $6,500.” -NBC News [1]

vet bill, dog, dogs, animals, pet hospital

In 2019, Americans spent $29 BILLION on veterinary care for their companion animals. [2]

Dealing with veterinary costs is doubly painful – watching your companion animal suffer is a terrible experience, and adding the emotional turmoil of dealing with unforeseen expenses can be an overwhelming blow. 

A member of the 600 Million Dogs team was shocked when her dog’s dental surgery bill cost just over $1,000. Thankfully, her pet insurance covered the entire bill.

Understanding pet insurance can be extremely beneficial for companion animal guardians. Pet insurance covers medical costs including routine care, emergencies, and surgeries, helping you select a plan that fits your companion animal’s needs and your budget.

1. Research Different Plans. Look for policies that cover a broad range of medical issues and check for any exclusions that might affect your companion animal. Some plans might exclude certain breeds or pre-existing conditions.


2. Read Reviews and Get Recommendations. Read reviews and ask for recommendations from other companion animal guardians. Experiences from others can provide valuable insights into the reliability and customer service of different insurance companies.


3. Evaluate Cost vs. Benefits. Compare the costs and benefits of different insurance plans. Pay attention to deductibles, co-pays, and coverage limits. A plan with a lower monthly premium might seem attractive, but it could lead to higher out-of-pocket expenses when medical care is needed.

4. Check for Wellness Coverage. Some insurance plans offer wellness coverage, which includes preventive care such as vaccinations, dental cleanings, and regular health screenings. While these plans might be more expensive, they can save you money in the long run by preventing more serious health issues.


5. Understand the Claims Process. Before deciding on a plan, understand the claims process. Find out how claims are filed and how long it typically takes to receive reimbursements. A straightforward and quick claims process can make a significant difference, especially in emergency situations.

Choosing the right companion animal insurance requires careful consideration and research. By taking the time to understand the different options and selecting a plan that aligns with your companion animal's needs, you can provide them with the best possible care while managing financial risks. As guardians, it’s our job to ensure the health and happiness of our companion animals.

Every day around the world, millions of stray dogs and cats suffer on the streets from treatable diseases, injuries, and malnutrition. Stray animals don’t have a guardian advocating for their right to live. 


That’s why 600 Million Dogs is stepping up to stop the suffering … before it starts. 


Our mission is to end the number one cause of suffering and death for dogs and cats -- overpopulation -- by developing a permanent-lasting birth control cookie that will only need to be eaten one time, and it will in effect spay or neuter -- without surgery.

We are a small grassroots nonprofit charity carrying out work that pharmaceutical companies should be doing -- but they refuse. We receive no help from any of the drug companies, no grants from the government, no help from any dog food companies or other large companies. 


Instead we rely entirely on small donations from people who care, like you. The good news is that each of us can pitch in and help animals now for only $1 a month!

Thanks for caring about animals!


rescue dog, dogs, pilot pup, stray dog
Jane, a Pilot Pup rescued by 600 Million Dogs




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