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Poison: cheap, fast, cruel

earth day

Earth Day is April 22nd, a day dedicated to celebrating our beautiful planet and all of the beings who inhabit it. 


Yet humans continue to poison stray dogs and cats and treat them like garbage. 


Just before the FIFA World Cup in Morocco in 2023, hundreds of stray dogs were brutally poisoned on the streets. According to an article by Yahoo News: “Horrifying footage shows dogs collapsing and convulsing, being tossed, mortally-wounded, into waiting trucks on top of other dead bodies. In one wrenching clip, a government assassin calls a black-and-tan shepherd by her name Rosa. When she runs over to him, wagging her tail excitedly, he stabs her with a poison dart.” [1]

stray dog, dog, dogs
Governments often resort to using inhumane poison as a way to “clean up” cities before major events.

And right now, Australia is rolling out a plan to poison stray cats with a diabolical machine called the Felixer. The device has cameras that can detect when a cat is passing by, and lasers that will then shoot a toxic gel onto the cat. When the cats groom themselves, they ingest the toxic poison and die a slow and painful death. [2]

feral cat, cat, cats
Australia has declared a "war on feral cats."

These disturbing incidents of brutality will continue to happen unless we can address the root of the stray overpopulation crisis. Governments regularly resort to poisoning as a quick and low-cost method to decrease stray animal populations, leading to immense suffering.

This Earth Day, join us in stopping the suffering … before it starts. 


Our mission is to end the number one cause of suffering and death for dogs and cats -- overpopulation -- by developing a permanent-lasting birth control cookie that will only need to be eaten one time, and it will in effect spay or neuter -- without surgery.


When Team 600 rescued Sugar, she was digging through garbage in a desperate search of food. Her fur was filthy and riddled with lice, but we brought her to safety for much needed love and care. She is a total sweetheart, which is why she has been named Sugar! 

rescue dog, pilot pup, stray dog
Before we rescued her, Sugar was living in garbage, just like countless other dogs who will never know the love of a home.

For just $1 a month, you can join our mission to protect stray animals from needless suffering. Every dollar brings us closer to a world where every stray animal knows safety and love. Donate $1 a month and watch your generosity transform lives.

Thank you for caring about animals!




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