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Only 2 of her puppies survived...

stray dog, rescue dog, dogs
Like countless mother dogs, Crystal struggled to protect her puppies from the harsh realities of the streets.

This Mother’s Day, we’d like to introduce you to one of our rescued Pilot Pups, Crystal.


When Team 600 rescued Crystal, residents told us that one of Crystal's puppies had died a few days earlier. Struggling to survive on the streets, Crystal was fiercely protecting her remaining two puppies from danger. 


Crystal was also terrified, which made it hard to approach her at first. However, with patience and care, we slowly gained her trust. Eventually, we were able to bring Crystal and her two puppies to our veterinarian for a much-needed checkup. Now they are safe, healthy, and love to play together! 

pilot pup, rescue dog, stray dog, dogs
Crystal, enjoying her walk!

Mother’s Day is about celebrating the nurturing and care of mothers everywhere, which is why we wanted to share the often overlooked struggles of stray mother dogs. These resilient mothers face life-threatening problems every day due to the horrific suffering caused by stray overpopulation. 


Crystal and her puppies are safe now. But what about the millions of other mother dogs and their puppies, born into a life of never-ending suffering?

Stray dogs and cats spend their lives in desperate search of food, water, shelter, and safety. Every year, more puppies and kittens are born into this Cycle of Suffering, forced to endure the same tragic fate. 


That’s why 600 Million Dogs is working tirelessly to stop the suffering before it has the chance to begin.


Please join us in our mission: To bring a permanent end to the number one cause of suffering and death for dogs and cats -- overpopulation -- by developing a permanent-lasting, one-time birth control cookie for stray dogs and cats. A cookie that will only need to be eaten one time, and it will in effect spay or neuter -- without surgery. 

A one-time cookie that will artificially induce a type of human menopause -- but in dogs and cats, without using hormones.


We rely entirely on donations from people who care, like you.


The good news is that each of us can pitch in and help animals now for only $1 a month!

If you can't donate, there is still a way for you to help. Please share this blog post by clicking on the Facebook icon below.

Together we will save entire future generations of animals from cruelty and suffering. Thank you in advance for helping and for caring!


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