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No needles or knives? Act now for animals!

THANKS VERY MUCH for caring about animals! 


In this part 6 of our Welcome Series, I'll introduce you to some of the pups we rescue, like Rosie below, and explain how they help in our amazing mission to:


End the number 1 cause of suffering for dogs and cats -- by creating the Spay and Neuter Cookie.


Thanks to your help, we are on track to stop a huge amount of  suffering.

What makes this cookie special?

It is being designed to safely produce lifetime infertility from just one cookie.


It is edible.

No injections.

No having to catch the strays.

No scalpels.

No surgery. 

No having to "take it every day" like other birth control.

Our Pilot Pups!


To help develop the cookie, we rescue homeless strays from starvation and suffering.


We give them love and affection, all the medical care they may need, healthy food and a happy home.   

We call them Pilot Pups because we also include them in our pilot studies to develop the cookie.

Our Pilot Pups live in loving homes, never in a laboratory.

Each Pilot Pup eats one trial cookie.


A trial cookie typically has a new mix of birth control ingredients.

A month after eating one trial cookie, each Pup has a normal spay/neuter surgery so that our pathologists can examine the tissues that are removed during the surgery. 

During a normal spay/neuter surgery, these tissues (the ovaries or testes) are thrown away. 


Instead, veterinarians keep the tissues, and our veterinary pathologists examine them. 


We will never turn our backs on the horrors suffered by strays. 


Tragically in many countries they are:





... or worse.

The good news: 

With your help, we will end this cruelty and suffering.


You make it possible for us to rescue strays, and change their lives forever!


Please continue to help save them from suffering!

Stay tuned for news and updates and in the meantime ...

... thank you very much for caring and for helping!




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