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Hope Unleashed with scientific progress for animals!

Thanks to you, exciting progress is being made in our work ...

... to end the #1 cause of suffering for dogs and cats, pet overpopulation.

How are we going to do this? By creating a single Cookie that will safely sterilize them, without surgery. 

Animals desperately need this in countries where essentially, there are no laws against cruelty to animals.

Animals desperately need a permanent birth control Cookie, in order to end the horrifying cruelty that can be witnessed all over social media. Cruelty such as ...

Strays being beaten to death.  

Crushed to death in garbage trucks.


Poisoned. Shot.

Fed rotten meat with glass mixed in it ... causing the dogs to bleed to death.

In our work to develop a permanent-lasting, one-dose birth control Cookie:

we have our best test results, ever! 

But first, how does the formula in the Cookie work?

The answer: In effect, the ingredients cause a type of human menopause -- in animals.

This means that with the right Cookie, the animals cannot reproduce … 

and this is exactly what's needed to end the cycle of suffering for millions of strays.

(Please continue reading to see more details below!) 

This includes our work with over 100 rescued Pilot Pups, a record number. These rescued Pilot Pups are heroes, playing a crucial role in our permanent-birth-control studies, as each of them is fed a single trial Cookie.

After they eat their single trial Cookie, we then perform a normal spay surgery, remove the ovaries, and examine the ovaries microscopically. This allows us to determine the effectiveness of the Cookie. 

Many people mistakenly presume our Cookies contain hormones. In fact, our Cookies do not have any hormones, and they work in a different manner. 

The first Cookies are being designed for females, and they work by causing ovarian deficiency -- which is similar to human menopause.  

This ovarian deficiency, in general terms, means infertility.

Of course we will also be making Cookies for male dogs, and for all cats as well!

We must continue to modify these formulas, so that one Cookie alone will cause infertility, by ovarian deficiency. 

For this to happen, a Cookie must produce a high follicle impairment count

The higher the count, the better -- and the closer to being infertile. 

We have produced our best follicle counts ever. 

Last year our highest counts were at 71%. 

This year, some have hit 80%.

Each from only one Cookie! 

Significant progress indeed.

We are getting closer and closer to success.

Important: We cannot get too excited yet. 

We still need to replicate these results, and replicate them consistently -- among many other things that are required of all proper studies -- before the data can be deemed reliable for use in the field.

To put this in perspective: We have come this far with only a fraction of proper funding.

We have made this powerful progress with far less than one-tenth of proper or normal funding.

Imagine how far along the Cookie would be if we had normal funding: $3 million per year for three years. 

But with your help, we will get there and we will succeed! 

As you know, we can't do this without you.

The atrocities against animals are horrifying.

We have an obligation to succeed for those who are suffering in misery, loneliness, hunger, and fear … for those who are suffering from painful injuries and broken bones after being hit by cars.

Injuries which are never treated …

… we desperately need your help, to end this suffering.

As you can imagine, this is scientific work that the drug companies should be doing. But to their disgrace, they refuse to help. 

They simply do not care. 

Thus, ending the #1 cause of suffering for these helpless animals, falls to us.

To you and me. 

To a tiny grassroots charity.

We receive no help from the government, and no help from corporations.

In fact, this year we are on track to have less than $300,000 to do all of this work, for an entire 12 months.

But do not fear! We are not afraid, and together, we will solve this global problem.

Despite the minimal support, we remain dedicated to ending the cycle of suffering for millions.


The fastest way to stop this horrific cycle of suffering is to find a way to sterilize millions of strays -- without surgery … and the way to do this is with a Cookie that they need to eat only one time … a one-dose, permanent-lasting birth control Cookie.

Together we will end this suffering!

For saving animals from suffering, 

I thank you with all my heart and soul.

P.S. Important! Our dedicated donor and volunteer Catherine Hill will double any gifts up to $35,000. 

Please, join us and double your impact! 


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