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GivingTuesday is almost here!



givingtuesday, stray dog, dogs, rescue dog
Pilot Pup Missy, on the day of her rescue

Great news to protect animals from pain and suffering -- it's almost GivingTuesday -- all gifts will be MATCHED up to $35,000.

Yes! Double your impact to end the #1 cause of pain and suffering for dogs and cats: pet overpopulation. Please Do Not Wait! … this match ends on November 30! This holiday we want to celebrate the miracle of rescue, and also make huge advances to end animal suffering. In addition to rescuing suffering strays, we are also working to end the entire cycle of suffering caused by overpopulation.

Missy, from hungry to happy

When it comes to rescues, for example, we recently rescued Missy after she was found behind an abandoned building. Some kids playing nearby noticed her first.

She was timid and afraid of everyone, and she cowered in fear when approached -- behavior that often comes from being abused. It came as no surprise that she was extremely hungry and thirsty -- but other than being very thin, she was luckier than most of the strays we rescue.

We of course took her to our veterinarian, where she received a lot of loving care and attention -- and now thanks to your support, she's having the time of her life playing with our other rescued pups!

givingtuesday, stray dog, dogs, rescue dog
Rescued and happy Pilot Pup Missy

Rescued and Resilient

Once rescued, Missy became one of our beloved Pilot Pups.

Pilot Pups are strays who we rescue from the streets and who later become an important part of our work to develop a one-dose, permanent-lasting birth control cookie -- designed to, in effect, spay or neuter, without surgery.

Each Pilot Pup is given a single trial cookie, formulated to have a safe dose of the birth control ingredients we’re studying.

givingtuesday, stray dog, dogs, rescue dog
Rescued Pilot Pup Asia

From Streets to Loving Homes

A month later, each female Pup has a normal spay surgery, and then our scientists examine their treated ovaries, which are removed during the routine surgery.

By studying these treated ovaries, we can determine the effectiveness of each trial cookie, and of course our Pilot Pups are then adopted into loving homes.

givingtuesday, stray dog, dogs, rescue dog
Rescued Pilot Pup Star

Tragically, the big picture is this:

Globally, an estimated 600 million homeless stray dogs and cats struggle to survive.

The cruelty we must prevent is staggering, and horrifying cruelty is shown all over social media:

Strays being beaten to death. Electrocuted. Poisoned. Shot. Crushed to death inside garbage trucks. Fed rotten meat with crushed glass in it, causing them to bleed to death.

Please also know we cannot stop this suffering without you.

Your help means everything.


Many scientists agree: The fastest way to stop this suffering is to sterilize strays with one-dose, permanent-lasting birth control cookies.

Together we can do this. Together we will do this!

This is work that the drug companies should be doing, but they refuse to help.

Thus, it falls to us.

This GivingTuesday, please help us stop the suffering before it begins!

They desperately need our help.

givingtuesday, stray dog, dogs, rescue dog
Rescued Pilot Pup Amari


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