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"Ejiao" is destroying donkeys ...


Donkeys are being brutally slaughtered at an alarming rate to produce “ejiao” (pronounced “EH-gee-yow”). A proposed bill could ban the importation of ejiao products in the U.S.! Please take action! 


Donkeys are killed, their skin is boiled, and the collagen extracted from their hides is turned into gelatin to create ejiao. Ejiao is a traditional Chinese medicine that has become increasingly popular as it is believed to improve blood circulation. [1] Ejiao production has created a dire situation for donkeys around the world.


According to The Donkey Sanctuary’s estimates, “the ejiao industry now requires a minimum of 5.9 million donkey skins to keep up with the latest demand figures.” [2]  


"The industrial scale at which these animals are being slaughtered is an issue of massive concern," says Simon Pope of Donkey Sanctuary. [3]


While mainland China and Hong Kong are the biggest importers of ejiao, the United States ranks third with an estimated $12 million in annual imports. [2]  


Alternative ways to produce ejiao (such as cellular agriculture) exist, which can safely and humanely meet the demand for ejiao without slaughtering donkeys. [3]

The Ejiao Act (HR 6021) was introduced in 2021, and reintroduced by Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) in late 2023. This act would ban the transportation, sale, and purchase of ejiao products, as well as donkeys and their hides destined for ejiao production. [2]  


Together, we must urge Congress to oppose this inhumane trade and the cruelty behind the production of ejiao.

Speak up for donkeys by urging your representative to support The Ejiao Act! 


Make a call or send a message to your representative. You can find out who your representative is by visiting this site:


Dear [Representative's Name],


I'm writing to urgently request your support for the Ejiao Act (HR 6021). The situation is dire: the global demand for ejiao, a product derived from donkey hides, is leading to the rapid and cruel killing of donkeys worldwide. This is severe animal abuse.


Alternatives such as cellular agriculture exist, and must be pursued to end this unnecessary cruelty. 


The United States has a critical opportunity to lead by example and stop participating in this inhumane trade. Every moment we delay, more donkeys are unnecessarily slaughtered. Your immediate action to support this act is crucial.


Please act now to protect these gentle, innocent animals. The time to end this cruelty is now.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this critical issue.


Warm regards,

[Your Name]

Thank you for taking the time to speak up for donkeys!


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