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Does this exist? Birth control "pill" for dogs or cats?

I recently told the heartbreaking story of Baby Bear during his final moments on Earth.


An innocent, gentle dog, he was needlessly put to death just because of pet overpopulation.

My anger at his senseless killing is why I started 600MillionDogs.



By using advanced chemistry and cutting-edge science.


To end the killing.

The bad news:

A Cycle of Suffering is repeated every year.

Innocent animals like Baby Bear are being killed.

An estimated 600 million stray dogs suffer on the streets of the world.


They give birth to an estimated one billion homeless puppies -- every year.

The survivors also reproduce -- creating a sickening Cycle of Suffering.

The good news: 

We are on track to break the Cycle of Suffering -- but we need your help.

For just $1 a month, you can help save animals from needless suffering.

The good news is, this tragedy can be stopped ... but we need your help.

Temporary, short-lasting "birth control" dog food and cat food already exists -- but it fails to end the problem.

"Permanent-lasting" birth control food is needed.


The animals desperately need this, and we need your help.


We are using advanced chemistry and cutting-edge science to develop permanent-lasting birth control food.

Permanent birth control food that:

1) In effect spays or neuters without surgery.


2) Needs to be eaten only one time.


We call it the Spay and Neuter Cookie.


One for dogs.

One for cats.

The animals desperately need this, and we need your help.


Once completed, the one-dose Cookie will save entire future generations of animals -- and it is within reach.


In honor of Baby Bear, please join us in ending this Cycle of Suffering.


For $1 a month you can save animals from needless suffering.

In the upcoming Part 4 of our Welcome Series, we will go into the chemistry and science behind the Cookie. If you'd like to learn more now, please visit our Science page.


Again, thank you for caring and for helping.

alex pacheco, 600 million dogs

P.S. Please join me in ending the sickening Cycle of Suffering, and please share this message with your friends.


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