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Dog Courage Amidst Chaos: Roselle and Salty's Inspiring Heroism on 9/11

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In the middle of the devastating 9/11 attacks in 2001, during chaos, fear, and unimaginable destruction, there stood a dog named Roselle, a symbol of hope and resilience. Roselle was not just an ordinary companion; she was the guiding light for her blind guardian, Michael Hingson, on that fateful day in Tower One of the World Trade Center.

As the towers trembled and darkness took over, Roselle's loyalty and incredible instincts took charge. She led Michael down an arduous journey of 78 flights of stairs through the smoke, the confusion, and the terrifying uncertainty, ensuring they both reached safety just moments before the tower collapsed into dust. Dog Courage

As incredible as it might sound, Roselle wasn’t the only hero that day. A dog named Salty also saved his blind guardian, Omar Rivera, from all the way up on the 71st floor. Salty refused to leave Omar’s side throughout the whole descent to safety.

We Need to step Forward

These incredible stories show us the selflessness, resilience, and unconditional love that our animals offer us.

It is our responsibility to step forward and help them when they need us. The biggest problem facing dogs and cats worldwide is extreme suffering caused by the pet overpopulation crisis.

Dog Welfare Organization - stray dogs

Stray dogs and cats have limited access to food, shelter, and care. Cat and dog overpopulation is an easy concept to understand: when there are too many animals and not enough homes for them, they will suffer and die.

Also, in many animal shelters, overcrowded conditions and inadequate socialization can cause fear, stress, depression, and behavioral issues. This makes it more difficult for the animals to get adopted into permanent, loving homes.

600 Million Dogs is Here to Help

600 Million Dogs is on a vital mission to stop the overpopulation of cats and dogs through an innovative solution: the Spay and Neuter Cookie.

We are working on developing a one-dose Cookie that will safely and effectively spay and neuter dogs and cats without the need for surgery. This also means that we would be able to provide this Cookie to stray dogs without the need to restrain them. We could just give them a treat!

I invite you to join me in supporting 600 Million Dogs and our Spay and Neuter Cookie campaign.

Let us honor Roselle’s devotion by extending a helping hand to those in need and working towards a future where all animals are treated with the love, respect, and compassion they deserve.


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