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Cost of Spay and Neuter ~ 600 Million Dogs

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Did you know that the average cost of spay surgery, unless subsidized by a public agency, is about $400?! 🤯

cost of spay and neuter Alex Pacheco 600 Million Dogs

A spay surgery can range anywhere from $50-$500, with costs at the low end of this spectrum being subsidized through public agencies. Neutering male dogs is cheaper, ranging anywhere from $35-$250.

The high end of these costs accounts for dog owners who bring their pups to a veterinarian for this surgery. For strays, costs tend to be much higher because the process includes capturing the dog and transporting him or her to a shelter or clinic.

Every year in the U.S., humane organizations and animal control agencies spend over $1 billion on capturing and surgically fixing strays and abandoned dogs. This practice and cost are not realistic for most other countries.

Spay and neuter cookie Alex Pacheco 600 Million Dogs

The only realistic and effective way to solve this issue is to develop our Spay and Neuter Cookie. Once it's developed, we will be able to nonsurgically fix strays, keeping them from reproducing more strays who will live lives of suffering and misery.

If you are passionate about animals and ensuring that all animals live safe and happy lives, please become a supporter.

Allison Williams


600 Million Dogs



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