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Bobbie the Wonder Dog

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Bobbie The Wonder Dog

At 600 Million Dogs, we are dedicated to tackling the urgent problem of cat and dog overpopulation and ending the suffering that it causes.

Today I want to tell you an incredible story that I think you'll find heartwarming. It's about a dog named Bobbie who showed immense love and loyalty to his family.

Back in the 1920s, Bobbie, a collie mix, was brought by his loving family on a trip, and they stopped in Indiana to visit relatives. Unfortunately, a terrible thing happened: Bobbie got lost after being attacked by three other dogs.

Despite tireless efforts to find him, Bobbie’s family had to go back home to Oregon without him, heartbroken and hoping for a miracle.

Months went by, and just when everyone had given up hope, a miracle happened. On a freezing winter day, an exhausted and emaciated dog walked into Silverton, Oregon.

It was Bobbie! He had followed the faint scent trails left behind by his loved ones at service stations where they parked their car during their trip, and he traveled an incredible 2,800 miles to find his family again. The Humane Society of Portland Was Able to Piece Together Bobbie’s Trip His body showed the signs of a long trip, which involved long walks and crossing rivers during the coldest part of winter.

Their reunion was a moment of sheer joy. It showed just how strong the bond between humans and their animal companions can be. This story was so incredible that was included in newspaper articles, books, and movies. People who had fed or sheltered Bobbie during his trip wrote his family to tell them more about the time that Bobbie had spent with them. It is thanks to these letters that the Humane Society of Portland was able to retrace the steps taken by Bobbie.

Bobbie's story reminds us of the love and loyalty our pets have for us, no matter what happens. They are always there for us, offering comfort, companionship, and love in our lives.

Every Dog Deserves to Be Taken Care Of

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Autumn, a Pilot Pup rescued by

At 600 Million Dogs, we want to make sure all animals are loved and cared for, just like Bobbie.

Our goal is to stop animal abuse and dramatically reduce the number of cats and dogs who don't have homes.

We believe every animal deserves a happy and healthy life, filled with love and kindness.

But we can't do it alone. We need your help to make a difference in the lives of countless animals.

Your support provides critical resources as we continue our work on the spay and neuter Cookie, aimed at creating a world where animals are cherished and free from suffering.


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