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Alex Pacheco calls on Australia to cancel the killing of 2 million cats -report by 600 Million Dogs

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Did you hear that the Australian government is currently killing a huge number of cats?

They plan to have killed 2 million feral cats within the next few months.

The government is letting hunters shoot the cats with guns and even bows and arrows. They’re also dropping poisoned sausages from helicopters.

Do you know what’s truly ironic? They’re doing this because they say they care about their native species, which the cats prey on ... killing animals to save other animals.

This seemed sensible to many Australians – until they saw a devastating video of a single cat fighting for life after being wounded by an arrow.

Please ask the Australian government to stop the killing immediately and fund the development of non-lethal alternatives. You can contact the two officials below:

1. Email Ms. Sally Box at:

2. Submit your comments to the Minister for the Environment HERE (Select “Minister for the Environment.”)

A permanent solution is needed.

Now many are asking, isn’t there a better way, one that isn’t cruel?

Of course there are better ways. The problem with many alternatives is that they often cost more and can be difficult to administer.

At 600 Million Dogs, we’re working to develop the ideal alternative: permanent, safe, inexpensive birth-control food. A food that could be administered just once and prevent reproduction for the rest of an animal’s life!

Two million cats in Australia desperately need this product to be developed So do millions of homeless dogs and cats killed in shelters each year in the U.S. alone.

2 Australian hunters with bows and arrows ~ 600 Million Dogs Alex Pacheco

The problem is, this permanent birth-control food is still in the R&D stage, and big drug companies aren't working on it, so we are. Even though we're a small, grassroots nonprofit, we are determined to blaze a path forward by developing this product.

We're working on a permanent solution. We've made progress but we need full-time scientists to finish the job, and we need your help!

If you would like to support this work, please visit our donate page and make a tax-deductible gift of any amount. It will make a tangible impact ... and the animals will be forever grateful.

~600 Million Dogs

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