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A Super Bowl for animals? Not crazy about football?

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Are you ready to watch Team Fluff take on Team Ruff in Puppy Bowl 2024? 

The Puppy Bowl, which airs on February 11, the same day as the much-anticipated Super Bowl, goes beyond just displaying cute pups on your TV. It's a heartwarming event that genuinely makes the world a better place.

Puppy Bowl 2024 will feature 131 dogs available for adoption from shelters across the U.S.! This year, there will also be a handful of dogs who have special needs ... 

dogs like Mr. Bean, who had been born without front legs. He arrived at Palm Beach County Animal Control last year.

"He taught himself how to walk," said Elizabeth Accomando to Palm Beach Post. Accomando took in Mr. Bean at the Barky Pines Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Loxahatchee, Florida. "Now no linebacker can stop him from reaching the end zone." 

The concept is simple yet brilliant: a group of dogs playing in a model stadium, complete with a human referee, or “Rufferee,” and chew toys. Any dog that drags a chew toy across the finish line, on either side, scores a touchdown.

Keep reading below the signature to learn more about how the Puppy Bowl saves animals!

According to the Shelter Animals Count in January 2024, in the U.S. "Around 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized annually and 390,000 of those are dogs."

At 600 Million Dogs, our nonprofit, science-centered mission is to end the #1 cause of suffering and death for dogs and cats worldwide — overpopulation — by developing a one-dose Cookie that, when completed, will spay or neuter a stray, without surgery!

With your help, we will permanently end the Cycle of Suffering for homeless dogs and cats!

We're a small grassroots group, doing the work that drug companies should be doing — but they refuse to help. 

We receive no help from the government and no help from corporations … which is why a gift of any amount will help.

Please join us on this mission — together we will end a huge amount of suffering.

For those of us with little money to spare but who still want to help, we have a $1 a month feature … because each of us can start helping animals for just $1 a month.


puppy bowl, super bowl, dogs, dog, football

If you're interested in adopting any of the animals you see in the Puppy Bowl, you can head over to or There, you'll find all the details about the shelters and this year's adoptable participants.

A Touchdown for Puppy Adoptions

The Puppy Bowl has a 100% adoption rate for all participants!

The exposure the dogs get is invaluable, often leading to a surge in people seeking to adopt, and an increase in applications for shelters and rescue groups involved. 

The awareness generated by the Puppy Bowl goes beyond the dogs involved — it helps to shed light on the millions of other animals in shelters across the country, all in need of a loving home.

More Than Just Dogs

While the focus is undeniably on the puppies, the Puppy Bowl doesn't stop there. The event also features the Kitty Half-Time Show, where kittens take the stage with their playful antics, promoting the adoption of cats. Some fabulous editions have also included other animals, like birds and pigs, emphasizing the message of compassion for all types of companion animals.

How You Can Get Involved

Watching the Puppy Bowl is a delight, but it can also be a call to action. If you're inspired by the event, consider the following ways to make a difference:

Adopt, Don't Shop: If you're thinking of adding a companion animal to your family, visit local shelters or rescue organizations. The perfect companion might just be waiting for you.

Volunteer: Shelters are always in need of helping hands. Whether it's walking dogs, cleaning, or simply spending time with the animals, your efforts can make a big difference.

Donate: Shelters operate largely on donations. Contributions, whether monetary or in supplies like food and toys, are always welcome.

Spread the Word: Use your voice on social media to advocate for adoption. Sharing posts about the Puppy Bowl or adorable adoptable animals can raise awareness and might just lead to an animal finding their forever home.



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