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A Single Cookie, A Life Saved.

3 rescued stray dogs 600 Million Dogs
Meet 3 of 40 rescued Pilot Pups! Trixie, Rose, and Lola

A personal message from Alex Pacheco, Founder

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You

Please join me in taking a moment to imagine …

the plight of a frightened, homeless, helpless dog …

who just gave birth to a litter of hungry and homeless puppies.

She's forced to scavenge through filthy, dangerous garbage … or starve.

She's forced to dig into garbage filled with broken glass and sharp metal objects … or starve.

Her fragile, bone-thin body. Starved and weakened to the point where every single step is pain.

Tragically, her puppies could not be found -- they probably died before we found Trixie.

This suffering is the reality for many.

This suffering was the reality for Trixie.

Rescued stray dog
Trixie, a rescued Pilot Pup!

Then thank goodness came a minor miracle … a glimmer of hope.

Team 600 found Trixie and saved her. Rescued from a massive city garbage dump, she was transformed and welcomed into our 600 family. A special group of survivors.

We brought her to a loving environment, giving her the medical care she needed. Within weeks, her health improved, her spirit revived and she finally found joy … while playing with her new playmates, her fellow Pilot Pups!

What's a "Pilot Pup" you ask? What's the essence of our Pilot Pup program?

It's simple, yet far-reaching. We begin with our Team 600 members who rescue animals from some of the world's most cold-hearted streets. We of course provide them with veterinary care, and we ultimately find them loving homes.

But there's more. Much more. Each rescued pup also plays a crucial role in our groundbreaking pilot studies.

Our studies are designed to develop what will be a revolutionary One-Dose Spay and Neuter Cookie.

Once completed, the One-Dose Cookie will spay or neuter a dog or cat, without surgery.

Our ultimate vision is nothing less than revolutionizing animal birth control around the world.

Dog ovarian follicles under a microscope
Rose's ovarian follicles under a microscope

Ultimately allowing a single Cookie to safely spay or neuter any stray dog or cat.

Eliminating the need for invasive, expensive surgery.

The wider goal? Nothing less than ending the global pet overpopulation crisis. Ending the immense suffering it causes.

More about our Pilot Pups: Once healthy, each Pup is given a single trial Cookie formulated with a safe, low dose of the birth control ingredients we're researching.

Dog ovarian follicles under a microscope
Lola's ovarian follicles under a microscope

After they've eaten the single trial Cookie, each Pup undergoes a routine spay or neuter surgery, during which their ovaries or testes are removed as usual.

The big difference is, instead of throwing away the tissues, we preserve them, and our veterinary pathologists microscopically examine them, allowing us to determine the effectiveness of the trial Cookie.

It goes without saying that in our studies, the health and happiness of our adored Pups is a priority. For example, our Pups are always in the care of a veterinarian or in a home full of love -- never a laboratory.

Allow me to quickly introduce you to Rose and Lola, two more members of our brave Pilot Pup pack.

Rose was found suffering from a painful, debilitating skin condition.

Rescued stray dog at vet
Pilot Pup Rose getting her check-up!

Making things worse, she was also unable to use her back legs.

Her struggle was heartbreaking. But thank God, her spirit was just the opposite -- her spirit was unbreakable!

Since her rescue she has dramatically improved -- today she is a beacon of hope and inspiration for everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her!

Now for Pilot Pup Lola.

Terrified and starved, she was discovered partially buried and destined for a certain death, in mound of trash-filled mud caked to her body.

The good news: today she's cherished and adored for her amazing and inspiring zest for life -- even after all suffering she's been through!

Rescued stray dog
Rescued Pilot Pup Lola!

The big picture: You make our global mission possible.

Our work to prevent the suffering of millions would not be possible without you.

Because of you, we can rescue these brave souls.

More importantly because of you: every day we are closer and closer to developing the revolutionary One-Dose Permanent-Lasting Birth Control Cookie.

Our scientists and veterinarians agree that when completed, the Cookie will prevent the suffering of entire future generations of animals.

Join us in this exciting mission to prevent the suffering of entire future generations! Thanks to the kind support of one of our volunteers, your gift will be doubled -- please take advantage of this great opportunity to double your impact!

On behalf of Trixie, Rose, Lola and countless more, I cannot thank you enough.

Together, we will end this unspeakable suffering.


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