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A GivingTuesday MATCH you don't want to miss!



stray dogs, dogs, giving tuesday, rescue dog
Pilot Pup Coco, on the day of her rescue

Coco had a history of neglect. Team 600 responded to a call about a dog whose leg was stuck in a pile of hoses. It turned out her former guardian would leave her tied there, and even though she could have freed herself if she tried, she had given up hope. Her rescuers were able to bring Coco to safety and away from a life of suffering.

Now, Coco is a part of our Pilot Pup program! After being rescued from the streets and given veterinary care and love, our Pilot Pups are fed a trial One-Dose Spay and Neuter Cookie formulated with a low dose of birth control ingredients we are studying. They are adopted into loving homes.

Did you know November 28 is GivingTuesday? This special day was created to celebrate the power of generosity and collaboration for a better world.

For GivingTuesday, all gifts will be MATCHED up to $35,000! But don’t wait, match starts NOW!

stray dogs, dogs, giving tuesday, rescue dog
Rescued Pilot Pup Coco, getting her checkup at the vet clinic.

All dogs deserve to know the miracle of rescue. The tragic reality? The vast majority never will. It’s clear that current efforts to address the stray overpopulation crisis are falling short. While adoption and spay/neuter are absolutely crucial, the rate at which animals are put to death in U.S. shelters has reached its highest level in 3 years. Worldwide, the stray animal problem continues to be overwhelming. Our goal is to stop the suffering before it begins. No dog or cat should have to die just for being born.

Our nonprofit science-centered mission is to significantly reduce animal suffering on a global scale by developing a safe, edible, one-dose, permanent-lasting birth control Cookie for stray dogs and cats. The stray overpopulation crisis is solvable, but innovative solutions are needed. Will you support the development of this groundbreaking solution? Thank you for caring about animals!


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