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A Free and Easy Way to Help Animals Today!

Please help the animals and forward this email to a friend!


Forwarding is a free and easy way to help save innocent animals from cruelty!

Please share with someone you care about -- so they, too, can become aware.


And understand.


So they, too, will know that worldwide, strays suffer from inhumane killing methods such as:


-Beating them to death



-Crushing them to death in the back of garbage trucks


-Mixing food with broken glass, causing them to bleed to death. 


Please invite a friend to join you in The Big Picture:


Ending the number 1 Cause of Suffering On Earth for dogs and cats -- the overpopulation crisis. 

Over one billion homeless puppies and kittens are born worldwide, every year.


The survivors also reproduce: creating a never- ending Cycle of Suffering.


Together we will break this Cycle of Suffering by developing a permanent birth control cookie.


A cookie that will "spay or neuter" without surgery. 

This is within reach, and with your help we will save entire generations of animals from cruelty.

We are a small, grassroots charity doing the work that billion-dollar drug companies should be doing … but to their shame they refuse ... and the animals need help.

You can help save animals now for only $1 a month!

Please forward this to a friend, and if a friend sent this to you, please help by passing this along!


Thank you!


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