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$5 a month to save animals? Please act now!

Updated: 5 days ago

In this part of our Welcome Series, we go into an amazing project to create a Super birth control cookie to End the number 1 Cause of Suffering for Dogs and Cats: Overpopulation.

dog, stray dog, rescue dog

To create what we call: The Spay and Neuter Cookie.

A cookie that will spay or neuter -- without surgery.

Some call it The Menopause Cookie because it causes a form of menopause -- in dogs and cats. 

dog, stray dog, rescue dog

- Crushing them to death inside garbage trucks.

- Feeding them food with broken glass, making them bleed to death.

- Beating them to death.

- Poisoning.

- Electrocution.

- Many are shot and killed.

- Others die after being hit by cars.

- Some die from the combination of disease and starvation.

- Here in the U.S. thousands are killed every day, just because of overpopulation.

dog, stray dog, rescue dog

This is work that "big pharma" companies should be doing -- but to their shame, they refuse. Because the drug companies refuse to help, we have do this life-saving scientific work ourselves.


Our clinical trials are well underway and we are making steady progress, but we need your help.


We are a tiny nonprofit.

We get no help from any drug companies.


No help from the government.


No help from corporations.


Millions of helpless dogs and cats need help.

cat, feral cat, stray cat

Thank you for helping save these innocent animals.

Most sincerely,


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