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My Dog Is On The Pill

Developing a cure for
animal overpopulation:
a cookie to spay and neuter
... without surgery.

Please sign the petition below!

A PETITION to THE KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN'S Shaikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa,

Ambassador to the USA


Dear Ambassador,


I hope this finds you doing well.


I, the undersigned, have recently become aware of street dogs and companion dogs being inhumanely and illegally shot and killed -- in residential and industrial areas of the Kingdom of Bahrain, by thus far unidentified animal abusers.


There are also shocking reports of dogs, some still alive, being crushed to death in garbage compressors.


Numerous eyewitnesses say that they fear for their safety and say they have been met with resistance when they have tried to identify the shooters. 


Nonetheless, the organization, the organizer of this petition, has evidence in the form of photographs and eyewitness accounts that: a Land Rover or a Land Cruiser vehicle with license plate "Bahrain X1X1**" appears to be involved in illegal shootings, along with a truck with license plate "X2X2**".  (**Due to our new understanding of local regulations as of January 18, 2023 1pm EST, will no longer publicly disclose these license plate numbers, and will instead provide these license plate numbers privately to the office of the Ambassador.)


We respectfully call upon your office to report this to authorities, to investigate, find out who these vehicles are registered to, and to prosecute any individuals responsible for any illegal shootings and any illegal cruelty.


Good people worldwide have faith that the Kingdom of Bahrain is not a Kingdom that condones such illegal activities nor such cruelty.  


The organization is willing to assist in any way possible, and we all look forward to your support.

Thank you for your consideration of this life-saving request.

Fill out the form below to sign this petition and have it emailed to The Kingdom of Bahrain's Shaikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa, Ambassador to the USA.

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