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Please SPEAK UP for octopuses and sign the petition below!

A PETITION to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

Dear Commissioner Bettman, 


I, the undersigned, have recently become aware of a horrifying “tradition” taking place at Detroit Red Wings home playoff games. 


Throwing octopuses, or any other animals, onto the ice is cruel and unnecessary. Octopuses are sensitive, intelligent beings worthy of compassion and respect.


I understand that there are rules in place banning this behavior, but it is clear that these rules have not been effectively enforced. 


I call upon your office to take meaningful action to enforce these rules. If someone is found with an animal in their possession (other than a service animal), or throws a living or dead animal onto the ice, they should be immediately removed from the stadium and permanently banned from attending future games.


Thank you.

Fill out the form below to sign this petition and have it emailed to Commissioner Bettman of the National Hockey League. 

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