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My Dog Is On The Pill

Developing a cure for
animal overpopulation:
a cookie to spay and neuter
... without surgery.

Please sign the petition below!

Largest monkey-breeding facility in U.S. must not be built!

Save monkeys from cruel experiments!

Dear Mayor Reynolds and Council Members,


We, the undersigned, urgently call on you to stop the plans for the monkey breeding facility by Safer Human Medicine. This facility would cause extreme suffering to intelligent, sensitive animals. The community of Bainbridge should stand for kindness and humane treatment. 


Keeping monkeys in small cages, separating babies from their mothers, and sending animals to be abused and killed in laboratories is cruel. The company's leaders have a history of animal welfare violations, with past facilities cited for horrifying neglect and cruelty.


Also, a facility containing thousands of monkeys creates environmental and health risks, including waste management problems and potential disease outbreaks. Modern science offers many humane and effective alternatives to animal testing, and we should invest in these methods instead. Many residents and animal protection advocates are strongly opposed to this facility. We ask you to listen to our concerns and reject this project.


Please, for the sake of the innocent animals and the values of your community, cancel these plans and support better, cruelty-free alternatives. 

Please fill out the form below. When you click "Sign the petition," your signed petition will automatically be emailed to Mayor Reynolds and the Bainbridge City Council Members.

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