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My Dog Is On The Pill

Developing a cure for
animal overpopulation:
a cookie to spay and neuter
... without surgery.

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A Petition to Stop the "War on Feral Cats" in Australia


Dear Minister Plibersek,

As someone who cares deeply about animals, I call on the Australian government to use its creativity and resources to invest in research and development of nonlethal birth control methods, rather than continuing to develop new ways to kill millions of cats. Feral cats have feelings, just like our beloved companion animals do.

I understand that feral cats are considered an invasive species to Australia, but it is not fair to kill cats for trying to survive. Cats did not ask to be brought over to Australia by humans and should not be put to death simply for existing.

The Felixer grooming traps are an extremely cruel way of addressing the situation. The cleverness and technology used to develop this device should be used to develop much more humane methods.

By promoting the responsible care of companion animals and by investing in the development of nonlethal birth control for animals, we can work towards a society that promotes kindness and respect for all.

Please fill out the form below. When you click "Sign the petition," your signed petition will automatically be emailed to Minister Tanya Plibersek.

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