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My Dog Is On The Pill

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You


We invite you to join us in this daring project to end

the Number One Cause of Suffering for dogs and cats

worldwide - by developing Spay and Neuter Cookies. ​


A bold project capable of ending the global pet

overpopulation crisis. ​


A project designed to prevent the suffering of over one billion

homeless dogs and cats worldwide. ​


A project to prevent the deaths of over 30,000 children

each year who die from rabies. ​


Specifically, a project to develop Spay and Neuter Cookies

which, once completed, will be capable of spaying and

neutering  - without surgery. ​


We are on track to being able to use food instead of surgery. ​


We are using cutting-edge science to develop safe,

permanent birth control cookies for dogs and cats. ​


We are a grassroots non-profit tackling a global problem. ​


We are doing the work that billion-dollar for-profit drug

companies should be doing. ​


But they're not.

There are too many lives at stake and we will not wait -  

which is why we're doing the work ourselves. ​


Please join us and learn more!

Why We Do This


Our Mission

The Science

Thank you for caring.

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Alex Pacheco

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You
Animal Rights Hall of Fame 
Adopt A Pet 
PETA Co-Founder 
Chairman (1980-2000)
Sea Shepherd 
Crew Member of the Year
Peace Abbey 
Courage of Conscience Award

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Out of 1.8 million nonprofits, 600 has been awarded the prestigious Gold seal of Transparency by Guidestar, now known as Candid, "the nation's premier nonprofit database." 

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