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To: Our Valued Supporters

From: Alex Pacheco

Re: Why is it taking so long to develop the Spay and Neuter Cookie?

Dear Valued Supporter,

Thank you very much for asking, and for caring. I'd like to answer the questions how is it going, and why is it taking so long?  


The answers are clear. First, the good news is that because the science is very strong, we believe that the real question is not will the Cookie succeed … but rather, the real question is when?  


To put this in perspective, we firmly believe that if adequate funding had been in place for the last 3 to 5 years, the world would have the Spay and Neuter Cookie by now.  


The only thing holding it back is the lack of sufficient funds.


The bad news: This is taking longer than it should, simply because the project is being financially starved. Sadly, it receives only 10% of the funds that are needed. 


The cost to perform this work at a normal pace is at a very minimum $3 million per year for 3 consecutive years. Instead of $3 million per year, this project has only received an average of $300,000 per year… even though a Spay and Neuter Cookie would prevent the suffering of millions of innocents.


This work is classified as the "development of a veterinary pharmaceutical drug." It is

work that is normally only performed by billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. As you may know, the pharmaceutical companies have shown little to no interest in a product such as the Spay and Neuter Cookie, because they deem it to be not profitable enough. Drug companies of course prefer products that have a repeat customer base. Products whose customers return every month to buy more product, month after month and year after year. The longer the better. 


The drug companies describe our work (to develop the Cookie) not as a self-sustaining business, but instead, as a self-defeating business. 




Because we are designing the Cookie to eliminate its customer base. 

It's no wonder the drug companies are not involved.


Unfortunately, even the 10% that we have to work with is at risk. Each year we must take time and attention away from the work developing the Cookie, and instead spend that time and attention working very hard to raise the needed funds. If we did not do this, there would be zero funds to work with.


We receive no government support. No corporate support. We have no reserves. No trust fund. No endowments. 


Accomplishing this mission relies entirely on gifts from individuals who care, such as yourself.


We will not let these problems stop us. We will continue working at the grassroots level, at the grassroots pace, with the grassroots funds we painstakingly raise -- until we succeed.


We must never despair over the lack of support. This is not the first time in history that a great idea has been shunned by the establishment and the powers that be. 


Instead, we must have vision. We must continue to look beyond the obstacles. We must never lose sight of the suffering of the world’s estimated 600 million stray dogs, who reproduce and give birth to over one billion homeless puppies each year -- the survivors of which then repeat this Cycle of Suffering.


What is at stake for the animals is unprecedented: a single project, designed to end the suffering of hundreds of millions of animals, through a cookie. 


Once we have succeeded in developing the winning formula for the Cookie, we will put it to work in field trials in parts of the world where the need is the greatest. In parts of the world where the suffering is the most severe. In places such as India, Egypt and Mexico, to name only a few, where field trials will allow the Cookie to be used as a humane and effective alternative to poison. As you may know, although it is illegal in the U.S., inhumane poisoning is the number one method used to kill stray dogs around the planet.


It is our view that, for animals, developing the Cookie is a matter of global significance, and success is our only option.  


You can help by introducing your friends to this project at  We also ask caring people to make a traditional tax-deductible gift, of any amount, at 

No gift is too small. No gift is too large. Every gift helps. No matter the amount.


If you're already a supporter: We thank you more than words can say. We also encourage you to please take a valuable and important step-up, by becoming a monthly contributor at


Whether it's $5, $25 or $100 a month, it absolutely adds up and it absolutely helps. 


As a valued supporter, we can never thank you enough for joining us, in ending the Cycle of Suffering.



Alex Pacheco



P.S. To learn more visit 

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