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Why is Spay Day Important?

stray dog, dog, spay day, rescue dog
Still bone thin, Pilot Pup Misty and her puppies, rescued by 600MillionDogs.

Together, we can end the Cycle of Suffering by revolutionizing the world of spay and neuter surgeries! 


Overpopulation is the biggest crisis facing dogs and cats around the world, and spay and neuter clinics are struggling to keep up. 


Around the world millions of animals suffer and starve on the streets, or languish in shelters waiting for a home that never comes. 


That’s why we are working to develop a game-changing solution: a one-dose Cookie that, when completed, will spay or neuter a stray, without surgery.

stray dog, dog, spay day, rescue dog
Cinnamon, a Pilot Pup in the process of being rescued by 600MillionDogs.

… and spay and neuter clinics are overwhelmed, meaning more animals worldwide are being born into an endless Cycle of Suffering.


Tragically, experts believe the worldwide number of stray dogs increases each year, as their main source of food – human garbage** – increases. [1]  


Across the U.S., there is a veterinarian shortage crisis. There simply are not enough people who are equipped to carry out spay and neuter surgery. [2]


The veterinarians who are available are dealing with such massive workloads, they are burning out physically and mentally. 

Without veterinarians to spay and neuter animals, more animals will be born into the endless Cycle of Suffering.

Worldwide an estimated 600 million stray dogs and 480 million cats roam the streets on any given day.


Each year they give birth to over one billion homeless pups and kittens, and most are born into a life of hunger and suffering. 


At the age of 6 months, those who are still alive also begin to reproduce – creating a Cycle of Suffering that is repeated every year.


This Cycle of Suffering has become the Number One cause of suffering and death for dogs and cats worldwide. 

stray dog, dog, spay day, rescue dog
Trixie, a Pilot Pup in the process of being rescued by 600MillionDogs.

Approximately 50 countries have essentially no laws against cruelty to animals. Strays are killed by inhumane methods including poisoning, beating them to death, shooting, crushing them to death in the back of garbage trucks, electrocution, mixing food with broken glass (which causes them to bleed to death) and worse. 


Here in the United States, tax dollars have been spent to kill stray dogs for the last 100-plus years.


We believe this situation is outrageous and has gone on for far too long – this is why we are focused on the root of the problem.

Our nonprofit science-based mission is: 

To end the #1 cause of suffering and death for dogs and cats – overpopulation – by developing a safe, permanent-lasting, one-time birth control cookie for stray dogs and cats. 


A cookie that will only need to be eaten one time, and it will in effect spay or neuter – without surgery. 


A one-time cookie that will artificially induce a type of human menopause – but in dogs and cats, without using hormones.


We are a small grassroots nonprofit charity, carrying out work that pharmaceutical companies should be doing – but they refuse. 

We receive no help from any of the drug companies, no grants from the government, no help from any dog food companies or other large companies. 


Instead we rely 100% on small donations. Small gifts from people who care, like you.


We are dedicated to ending this global problem – and a gift of any amount will help – no gift is too small.

If you're like me and you don't have much to spare right now, there is an easy way to help for $1 a month.


Yes, the good news is that each of us can pitch in and help animals now for only $1 a month!

Together we will save entire future generations of animals, from cruelty and suffering.


Thank you in advance for helping and for caring!




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