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We're hiring!

Hiring 11 positions: a small Florida based nonprofit animal protection organization

is hiring for these new positions:

  1. A.A. Administrative Assistant - must be experienced, must work from Pompano, FL, full time.

  2. Executive Assistant - must be very experienced, full time, remote is possible.

  3. Writers - up to $25/hour, remote, part and full time: writing direct mail letters, eblasts.

  4. I.T. Specialists - part time, routine online needs of a small nonprofit, remote.

  5. Direct Mail Specialist - part and full time, remote.

  6. Social Media Specialist - full time, remote.

  7. Email Eblast Specialist - full time, Salsa, Engage, remote.

  8. Data Entry - must have experience with Salsa. Remote, full or part time.

  9. Bookkeeper - part time, routine duties for a small nonprofit, remote.

  10. CPA - part time, routine needs of a small FL based nonprofit, remote.

  11. Email Information Organizer - to make Finding Anything We've Saved in Emails, hassle-free. Remote, part time.

Interested? Email your information to

In your subject line, include your name, the position you are interested in, and the word “job.” Attach the obvious attachments.

Have a friend who might be interested? Please share!

Thank you.


June 2, 2022


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