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Celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week: How to Save Animals!

Photo of happy animals in a field

It’s Be Kind to Animals Week! Want to know how to save animals?

Here are some easy but important ways you can take action for animals every day this week, and every week. Whether you’re signing a petition or having a delicious meal at a vegan restaurant, there are so many ways to make a difference for animals.

How to save animals on day 1:

The unnecessary and brutal killing of helpless stray dogs is continuing daily in Bahrain -- a small, oil-rich island nation near Saudi Arabia. Veterinary medical reports and hundreds of horrifying photos -- too horrific to show here -- are readily available, many on Instagram, including photos of half-buried bodies of dead pups scattered on the ground, with eyewitness reports of mother dogs being shot while nursing their puppies.

If you haven’t already signed our petition to demand that the government stop the killings, please do that today.

Xray photo of bullet in a stray dog's abdomen Bahrain

Moving on to day 2:

Sign our petition to end the sickening practice of throwing octopuses onto the ice during Detroit Red Wings hockey games. It's shocking to think that this has been tolerated for over 70 years! By signing the petition, you can demand respect for these intelligent and sensitive creatures.

The octopus abuse at Detroit Red Wings games is illegal. However, fans are rarely held accountable, and meaningful action has not been taken.

In a 2017 incident, fan Nick Horvath was escorted out of the stadium and was informed he would be banned for life after throwing the octopus. According to online accounts, he has not been banned.

Octopuses are full of incredible skills, mind-blowing powers, and fascinating tricks! But most importantly, they deserve respect.

End octopus abuse at hockey games

Saving animals on day 3... all about spreading the word. Copy the link to this blog post, and share it with your friends and family!

developing birth control for stray dogs and cats 600 Million Dogs

On Day 4,

we're encouraging you to pick up trash. Plastic bags and other trash can easily entangle animals, causing severe injuries and even death. Birds can mistake small bits of plastic for food, which can block their digestive systems and lead to starvation. Every 30 seconds, a marine animal or sea bird dies from plastic pollution. Land animals can also get trapped in litter, which can cause injuries and prevent them from moving and feeding properly.

Discarded items like bottles, cans, and fishing nets can release toxic chemicals that can poison the environment and harm wildlife. The impacts of littering on animals are heartbreaking and can disrupt entire ecosystems.

We all need to take responsibility for our actions and dispose of our waste properly to protect the creatures that share our world.

Picking up litter is a simple action that can have a big impact on the health and wellbeing of animals in your community.

Seagull eating garbage

How to save animals on Day 5:

Take a stand against animal testing by purchasing cruelty-free products. Animal testing is a cruel and brutal process used by cosmetic companies to ensure that their products are safe for humans. The animals used in these tests, including rabbits, mice, and guinea pigs, are subjected to unimaginable suffering. These poor creatures are forcibly restrained while products are smeared onto their delicate skin and eyes, causing extreme pain and discomfort. They are often left to suffer for days or weeks, with no relief or hope for rescue. Many of them develop severe injuries, infections, and diseases, and some die a slow and agonizing death. The horrors of cosmetic animal testing cannot be overstated, and it's high time that we put an end to this barbaric practice.

By supporting companies that do not test their products on animals, you can help create a world where animals are not subjected to cruel experiments.

stop animal testing, go cruelty free, baby rabbits eating daisies

On Day 6,

why not have a delicious plant-based meal at a vegan restaurant near you? By choosing to eat at vegan restaurants, you are supporting businesses that prioritize plant-based ingredients and ethical treatment of animals. This means that fewer animals are being used for food production, and that means fewer animals are being subjected to extremely cruel treatment in the meat and dairy industries.

Choosing to eat at a vegan restaurant can help to reduce animal suffering and promote a more sustainable and ethical food system. Supporting vegan restaurants helps to show that there is demand for it, which can help to create more vegan options in your area! Plus, many vegan restaurants offer delicious and creative menu options that are worth trying out!

Why not give it a go and see how easy and tasty it can be to support animal-friendly food choices?

Vegan feast

Finally, on Day 7,

Please consider making a donation to 600 Million Dogs. On any given day around the world, over 600 million stray dogs and cats roam the streets without access to food, water, or a loving home. They suffer from diseases and injuries without access to veterinary care.

Our nonprofit science-centered mission is to significantly reduce animal suffering on a global scale by developing a safe, edible, one-dose, permanent-lasting birth control Cookie for stray dogs and cats.

Together we can prevent entire future generations of animals from suffering!

We hope you'll join us in taking action for animals this week and beyond.

Stray dog nursing puppies

rescued stray dog 600 Million Dogs
Pilot Pup Buffy, rescued by


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