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Happy Dog Dad Day! Saturday, June 17, 2023

Man hugging dog

We hope you'll join us in wishing a Happy Dog Dad Day to all the incredible dog dads out there!

It warms our hearts to see you enjoying a summer day with a dog who adores you -- whether you’re walking, playing fetch, or just hanging out!

Each time you adopt a homeless animal and take care of them with kindness for the rest of their lives, it shows what an amazing guy you are ...

the type of dad who takes your dog hiking so that he can go crazy with excitement at all the new sights and smells!

The dad who can't resist sharing dinner with the one who gobbles it down in one bite.

And we'll bet your dog's favorite place in the world is snoozing by your side while you work at your computer!

But as we celebrate Dog Dad Day, we also remember all of the dogs and cats out there who don’t have a home to call their own.

When Team 600 rescued Juno, she was suffering from a serious wound on her leg.

Rescued stray dog
Juno, a rescued Pilot Pup

It was a grim sight, but thanks to Team 600, she was brought to safety and treated for her injuries. Now Juno loves to play ball with her forever family!

Stray overpopulation is a global crisis with countless animals still struggling to survive on the dangerous streets -- hungry, weak, and afraid.

And that's where caring people like you can play an even more powerful role!

This Dog Dad Day, we invite you to celebrate by helping to end the Cycle of Suffering once and for all.

When you contribute to our nonprofit science-centered mission -- to significantly reduce animal suffering on a global scale by developing a safe, edible, one-dose, permanent-lasting birth control Cookie for stray dogs and cats -- you stand up for animals in need.

With every donation, we get closer to making the Cookie a reality -- and making the worldwide suffering of strays a thing of the past.

Whether you contribute $5 or $500, every donation makes a difference.

If you can't donate right now, sharing our mission with your friends and family is a free way to make a huge impact. So please spread the word!

On this Dog Dad Day, let's work to make sure every dog and cat gets the chance to have a happy home.

Thanks for letting us be part of your pack!

Rescued stray dog smiling at camera
Joy, a Pilot Pup rescued by

Why are there stray dogs?

The stray dog overpopulation crisis means there are too many dogs and not enough homes to care for them.

In the U.S., millions of dogs enter shelters every year.

Dogs in animal shelter
The stray overpopulation crisis means millions of dogs don't ever have loving homes.

And in many countries around the world, stray dogs are killed in horrifying ways.

There are a few reasons why we have a stray dog overpopulation crisis:

1. Uncontrolled Breeding: Many stray dogs aren't spayed or neutered, which means they can have puppies. One female dog and her offspring can produce thousands of puppies in just a few years if left unchecked.

2. Abandonment and Loss: Dogs can become stray when they are lost or abandoned by people. Without a home, these dogs can add to the overpopulation crisis.

3. Lack of Adoption: Many people choose to buy dogs from breeders or pet stores instead of adopting from shelters. This leaves many dogs in shelters and contributes to the stray population.

This crisis leads to several problems:

  • Overcapacity of shelters: Shelters often struggle to accommodate all the stray dogs. This could lead to dogs being in cramped conditions, and unfortunately it is still common for healthy, adoptable dogs being put to death due to lack of space, around the world.

  • Health Problems: Stray dogs can spread diseases to other animals and even humans, including rabies and parasites like ticks and fleas.

  • Neglect and Abuse: Stray dogs are also more likely to face neglect, abuse, or harsh living conditions, such as extreme weather.

More Ways to Help Stray Dogs on Dog Dad Day

1. Talk to your friends and family about the stray overpopulation crisis

Dog Dad Day is a great time to help other people learn about stray dogs. Share this blog with your friends and family to help spread the word!

Person hugging dog
Adopt, don't shop!

2. Adopt a Dog

Dog Dad Day might be the perfect day to adopt a homeless dog. When you adopt a dog, you give them a home and make room at the shelter or rescue group for another dog to be saved. If you know someone who wants a dog, tell them about the benefits of adoption.

3. Volunteer and Donate

Animal shelters and rescue groups need lots of help. On Dog Dad Day, you could become a volunteer. They might need help feeding the dogs, cleaning cages, or taking dogs for walks. Shelters and rescue groups also need donations. You could collect dog food, blankets, and toys to donate.

4. Foster a Dog

If you can't adopt a dog right now, you could foster one instead. This means you take care of the dog at your home until the shelter or rescue group finds them a new home. Fostering is a good way to help a dog become more friendly and comfortable around people, which makes it easier for them to find a forever home.

Celebrate Dog Dad Day and Make a Difference

Dog Dad Day is a fun day for people who love their dogs. But it can also be a day to help dogs who need it most. You can make a big difference in a stray dog's life. Whether you're educating your friends and family, volunteering, donating, or bringing home a formerly stray dog who will pay you back a thousand times with love and devotion, you're making the world a better place.

Let's all make Dog Dad Day a day to remember.

Thank you!


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