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A true rescue story for Giving Tuesday!

This frightened, bone-thin mom, a homeless stray, gave birth to five adorable puppies on the streets of Chachoengsao, in Thailand. Their chances of surviving were extremely low.

Nursing mom and her pups on the street, literally
Nursing mom and her pups on the street, literally

Thank goodness, our contact in Thailand took action and rescued them all. He kindly brought the whole family into his own home, providing them all with the food, love, and veterinary care that they desperately needed.

Rescue in progress!
Rescue in progress!

Now the pups are happy, growing and playing and getting into mischief, like all puppies should!

This rescued dog family was extremely lucky. Our goal is to also save the unlucky ones, the millions of other stray dogs and cats.

Without help, they will continue to be born, full of energy, ready for joy and love ... only to end up suffering and dying on the streets ...

… or worse, to be killed by cruel, painful, inhumane methods -- simply because there are “too many” of them.

This worldwide suffering has to be stopped! Spay/neuter surgery works -- but surgery can only reach a tiny fraction of the animals who need it. This is why we’re taking a unique, scientific approach to solving this problem, by working hard every day to develop the One-Dose Spay and Neuter Cookie.

For a dog or cat to become spayed by eating just ONE cookie, that one cookie needs to produce an overall follicle count of around 80%, and it needs to do this with consistency. The follicle count, in simple terms, is the percentage of ovarian follicles impaired by the cookie formula.

The great news is: our scientists have been able to, at times, produce a follicle count of 71% from a single cookie. We're getting closer and closer -- thanks to you.

Our scientists are convinced that when completed, the cookie is destined to have a powerful global impact -- benefiting tens of millions of animals, if not more.

But we need your help!

Please give as generously as you can today, on #GivingTuesday.

Through midnight tonight, a kind supporter will double your gift up to $35,000! Please take advantage of this very generous offer before it ends, and double your impact! This is our largest matching gift ever!

Safe and happy, as all pups should be!
Safe and happy, as all pups should be!

P.S. Words cannot adequately convey the suffering of the stray animals who never get rescued. They are always in our hearts as we do this work.

Thanks again for caring and helping.


Alex Pacheco

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You


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PETA Co-Founder

Chairman, 1980-2000

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