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A Potential Historic Victory: South Korea’s Dog Meat Industry Could Shut Its Doors

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South Korea has been known for the horrifying practice of farming dogs for human consumption. This practice presently breeds over one million dogs across thousands of farms in South Korea in terrible conditions: these dogs live in small, barren, wire cages, lacking proper food, water, stimulation, comfort, shelter, or veterinary care.

Around 1.5 million dogs are killed and eaten every year in South Korea. Hundreds of dog meat restaurants operate.

Dogs are intelligent, emotional beings who suffer just like us. Killing dogs for food is a brutal and inhumane practice that must be stopped!

All of this could now change thanks to a legislative bill called the Special Act.

Inhumane Treatments and Unnecessary Killings

Dog meat consumption in South Korea dates back centuries and was mostly driven by survival during times of famine or food scarcity. Historical records show that dogs were considered a valuable source of nutrition during difficult periods.

However, as the country developed economically, and food scarcity diminished, the consumption of dog meat has become less of a necessity and more of a cultural practice.

In addition to causing needless harm and death to animals, the industry also presents substantial public health hazards due to unhygienic conditions.

This legislation aims to eradicate the dog meat industry and safeguard innocent lives from avoidable suffering.

Dogs kept at in these farms often experience distressing skin and eye infections, along with diseases and untreated wounds caused by fights arising from monotony, frustration, and scarcity of resources.

While numerous dogs are bred within these facilities, abandoned pets with collars are frequently found among the animals designated for slaughter.

Electrocution is the prevailing method used for killing.

History in the Making: The Special Act

South Korean Democratic Party Assembly Member Jeoung-ae Han has taken a significant step towards ending the dog meat industry in South Korea.

In late June of 2023, Han introduced a legislative bill known as the Special Act, which aims to eliminate the breeding and slaughter of dogs for human consumption.

The proposed legislation aims to ultimately prohibit the breeding, killing, and consumption of dogs for their meat within the nation. It also seeks to offer alternative livelihood options for farmers to transition away from this practice.

Change Didn’t Happen Overnight

The implementation of the Special Act, Bill #2122926, has received support from members of both political parties, with 11 sponsors endorsing the proposed legislation. This occurrence coincides with a growing public and political inclination in South Korea to put an end to the dog meat industry.

Even First Lady Kim Keon-hee has openly expressed her support for a ban. Furthermore, recent opinion surveys conducted by Nielsen Korea reveal that a staggering 87.5% of the population either abstain from consuming dog meat or plan to do so in the future.

Also, 56% of respondents support a legislative ban. With mounting pressure and a task force established by the government in December 2021, Han hopes to expedite the phasing out of the dog meat industry through the Special Act.

A Clear Plan is in Motion

Assembly Member Han emphasizes that the dog meat industry flagrantly violates the Food Sanitation Act since dog meat is not categorized as food. Therefore, the passage of the Special Act is vital to effectively terminate the breeding, slaughtering, processing, and sale of dogs for consumption.

There is a noticeable societal and political momentum to definitively end this outdated practice. The Special Act aims to establish a comprehensive strategy to dismantle the dog meat industry while offering transitional opportunities for farmers.

The objective is to eradicate the abuse and suffering inflicted upon hundreds of thousands of dogs annually, for a meat that is no longer desired by the majority of Koreans. While dog meat consumption may have been part of Korea's history, dog meat consumption needs to become a thing of the past.

The plan is to provide a constructive framework for gradually phasing out the industry through collaboration with farmers, rather than fostering conflicts. It is now crucial for legislators to pass the Special Act, ensuring that this declining industry is consigned to the pages of history.

If Passed, The Special Act Requires a 5-Year Transition

While animal advocates naturally wish for an immediate shutdown of dog farms, the proposed Special Act includes Article 6, which mandates the formulation of a plan to close dog meat farms and associated businesses.

This plan also ensures protection for dogs in farms that voluntarily choose to close within five years of the Act's implementation.

Additionally, Article 8 establishes the legal framework for the creation of a government committee responsible for overseeing the eradication of the dog meat industry. This committee would consist of up to 25 representatives from relevant ministries and other stakeholders.

If the bill successfully becomes law, financial support will be provided to legally registered dog farms to facilitate their closure or transition. Participating farmers will receive subsidies to assist them during the transition period, as well as receive career change training and guidance.

The full ban on breeding and slaughtering dogs for human consumption will take effect five years after the law's passage, marking a significant milestone in South Korea's journey towards ending the dog meat industry.

We need your help to put an end to the cruel and outdated practice of dog meat farming in South Korea. The bill is currently in the committee stage and needs support to move forward. By signing this petition, you can join the growing movement to support the passing of legislation that will ban dog meat farms once and for all.

It's time to take a stand against this inhumane industry and protect innocent lives from needless suffering.

By signing this petition, you can contribute to the establishment of a comprehensive plan that dismantles the dog meat industry while ensuring the well-being of the affected animals.

Furthermore, this initiative has garnered significant support from both the public and political spheres in South Korea. It's crucial to capitalize on this momentum and show our united voice in demanding change.

Your signature will send a powerful message to legislators that the time for action is now. By working together, we can make a difference and create a better future for dogs in South Korea.

Sign the petition today and urge legislators to pass the legislation to ban dog meat farms. Together, let's end the suffering and protect the lives of these innocent creatures.

Thank you for your compassion and support!

If you would like to send a personalized message instead, here are the names and email addresses of the 19 Agriculture Committee members that the petition will be sent to:


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