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Help us create a 
one-dose birth control Cookie to end pet overpopulation.

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With 600 Million Dogs, you are working to end dog and cat overpopulation, saving countless lives.

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Saving Dogs and Cats... One Cookie at the time!

  • Dog and Cat overpopulation is the Number One Cause of Suffering for dogs and cats worldwide.

  • Dog overpopulation poses health risks to everyone. 
    We can prevent the deaths of over 30,000 children 
    each year who die from rabies.

  • 3.3 Million dogs enter US shelters every year.


This is motivating us to work on a project to develop Spay and Neuter Cookies which, once completed, will be capable of spaying and neutering  - without surgery. ​


  • We are on track to being able to use food instead of surgery. ​

  • We are using cutting-edge science to develop safe, permanent birth control
    cookies for dogs and cats. ​

  • We are a grassroots non-profit tackling a global problem. ​

  • We are doing the work that billion-dollar for-profit drug companies should be doing. ​ 
    But they're not.

There are too many lives at stake and we will not wait -  which is why we're doing the work ourselves. ​


Please join us and learn more!

Check out what David Duchovny says about 600MillionDogs

You can help with as little as $1 per month.

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Out of 1.8 million nonprofits, 600 has been awarded the prestigious Gold seal of Transparency by Guidestar, now known as Candid, "the nation's premier nonprofit database." 

Causes That We Are Actively Fighting For:

Stop the Dog Shooting in Bahrain

Stray dogs are being systematically captured, trucked to a remote area, and shot in the tiny, oil-rich island nation of Bahrain. Rescuers are desperate for international support for their efforts to STOP THE KILLINGS. The government refuses to acknowledge responsibility for the shootings.


In 2022, residents started to find the bodies of hundreds of dogs, half-buried in the sand in Askar, an area designated for strays by the government. 


Then the shootings became more systematic. The shootings continue to happen almost every day, and the dogs' bodies are stuffed into trash bags, thrown into pickup trucks, and taken away.


Learn more, and how you can help.


Stop the Killing of Cats in Australia


Australia has declared a "war on feral cats." The country is rolling out a cruel and diabolical 5-year plan to cut down the feral cat population.


The plan includes a killing machine called “The Felixer.” The device has cameras that can detect when a cat is passing by, and lasers that will then shoot a toxic gel onto the cat. When the cats groom themselves, they ingest the toxic poison and die a slow and painful death. 


The Australian government should be using its creativity and resources to invest in research and development of nonlethal birth control that addresses the cat overpopulation crisis right at its source! 


Of course feral cats have feelings, just like our beloved companion animals do. Tell the Australian government to drop this sickening plan and to work instead on permanent, humane solutions, not cruel temporary fixes.

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Meet Our Founder: Alex Pacheco

Alex Pacheco is often described as the  Father of the Modern Day Animal Rights Movement in the United States.

As co-founder of both the world’s largest animal rights organization (PETA) and the world’s largest non-profit animal adoption organization (Adopt-A-Pet), his 30-year track record of victories for animals

is arguably unequaled.

He has received many awards, ranging from induction into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame to The Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award, though his favorite is being voted Crew Member of the Year by the Sea Shepherd.

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