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Help Stop the Shooting of Dogs

Save Countless Dogs by Signing the Petition Below! 

Sign this petition and have it emailed to the Crown Prince of Bahrain and other influential Bahraini officials.

Your Royal Highness Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Ministers, and Ambassadors,  


I am writing to you today on behalf of Bahrain’s innocent animals. 


I believe that Bahrain wishes to be known as a modern, tolerant country, encouraging international trade and relations, welcoming members of many nationalities and religions, and embodying the principles of compassion and mercy. 


So as a person who loves animals, I am shocked to learn about the shootings of stray dogs in Bahrain. 


I don’t understand why international standards for the humane treatment of stray animals are not being followed, especially when Bahrain has the financial resources to do so. 


I am asking you to please do everything in your power to end these killings immediately. 

Dogs are loving, intelligent animals who suffer and feel pain just like us. 


There are many well-established, effective ways to humanely deal with stray animals. For example: 

1. Establishing and supporting more animal adoption centers. 

2. Promoting the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats. 

3. Discouraging the breeding and the sale of pets. 

4. Establishment of a dog sanctuary for stray dogs to comfortably live out their lives. 

You have the power to stop the killings of stray dogs. Please act now and show the world that Bahrain treats animals with mercy and kindness. 

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