Nosy at doorstep283KB 122012Welcome to 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You.

Our mission is to bring a humane and permanent end
to the constant killing of dogs and cats in the U.S.
and abroad,
by bringing an end to the uncontrolled breeding -- by developing permanent lasting, birth control
dog and cat food ... food that will only need
to be eaten one time to produce infertility.

The good news, is that after many months
of intense preparation under the stewardship
of our Scientific Director, Dr. Young,
I can now announce that we've advanced
to the next stage in the final development of
permanent birth control dog food, and that
the critically important Clinical Trials ... have begun.

The beauty, is that permanent birth control food is the most promising solution, to the never ending overpopulation problem.

The strays we rescue and who are part of our Clinical Trials are, of course, the lucky ones
- which reminds me of why we started 600:

To put an end to the mass killings and to these staggering numbers ...

  • Three million strays on the streets of Mexico City.
  • One million on the streets of Baghdad.
  • 45,000 beaten to death in one incident in China.
  • 42,000 shot to death in Baghdad. 
  • 30,000 poisoned in Rio.
  • 40,000 killed in the capital of Serbia.

Thank Heaven, we're going to stop this. 

Quite literally,  with your help and with permanent birth control dog food,
we can end this insanity and we will end this insanity.

I'm about to ask for your help, and before I do, here are some key points:

A) The first formula we are developing is for female dogs.
Currently, it takes at least seven portions over seven days to create sterilization.
Our focus is to boil it down so that it will work after eating just one portion.

B) We have new and additional scientists in place who working out of more than one location, most of which are outside the U.S.

C) Many of our scientific advisors believe if we had two full time chemists, we could likelly complete much of this work within 18 months, if not less.

The problem: we don't have the funds. So, we're working largely with volunteer chemists,
which means it's taking about 20 times longer or more than it would otherwise.  

The great news is that once we've converted it into a single portion,
then by eating just one serving,  female strays will become spayed
- without having to catch them, and without anyone having to perform spay surgery on them.

Imagine being able to spay every stray female dog in the world

by feeding them just one serving

of permanent-birth-control dog food.

D) Of course we have not forgotten our feline friends,
and the Clinical Trials for female cats will be next.

If we had the funds we would hire a chemist today to concentrate on our cat formula,
and the clinical trials for cats could begin in as little as four months. 

Imagine being able to spay every stray female cat in the world

by feeding them just one serving

of permanent-birth-control cat food.

E) Of course it goes without saying, but it should be said loud and clear anyway:

No animals are harmed in any of our work.
No animals are killed.
No animals are euthanized.
There is no need to harm, no need to kill, and no need to euthanize.

Instead, we rescue strays to take part in the Clinical Trials,
and they are soon adopted by forever families.

They get transformed from starving strays into pampered pooches, 
while helping their brothers and sisters at the same time.

F) We have come very far due to the intense determination of our volunteers,
such as yourselves.

Folks are often stunned to find out we’ve done essentially all of this – with volunteers.

Unfortunately, we have no employees.

Why? The same reason we do not yet have a full time chemist...a simple lack of funds.
           I am a volunteer.           
           Our chief scientist, Dr. Young, is a volunteer.
           Our chief U.S. chemist is a volunteer.
           Our U.S. veterinarians are volunteers.
           Our top U.S. organizer, Maria Papazian, is a volunteer.
           Our web masters Carlos Alvarez and Rene Bruce are volunteers. 
            Every doctor, scientist, attorney and businessperson on our Advisory Board is a volunteer.

As you can see, donations to 600 are put to serious work - as they should be.

What is also clear, is that your help is needed.

None of the large national organizations will support this work,
for reasons beyond my comprehension.

In some ways, this makes each of us even more determined
… and we will succeed, period.

Because the Clinical Trials have begun, in addition to needing funds to hire chemists, 
we now have the added need to pay for the food, medicine, vaccinations, medical care 
and other essential needs of the strays we rescue and
who are an important part of the Clinical Trials.

Naturally, we not only provide each rescued stray with nourishing food,
but we also treat each of them for parasites, skin diseases ... on and on ...
and I'm sure you're well aware of how much veterinary care can cost.

And of course, we also micro-chip everyone
to further ensure that they never become a lost stray again.

The need for veterinary care and chemists, are the reasons I'm asking for your help.

I urge you to be as generous as you can towards this historic work.

After all, how often do you read a letter about a team of "mad scientists" 
who are absolutley determined to permanently end the hellish overpopulation crisis?!

As you know, the world's estimated 600 million stray dogs
give birth every year  to an estimated one billion stray puppies ...
and the cycle repeats.

I mean this quite literally when I say that you personally, 
can help break this horrible cycle of suffering.

Please call today to make a donation, and at the same time 
get me on the phone and ask me any questions you may have.

Together with permanent-birth-control food,
we will end the uncontrolled breeding,
and we will end the constant killing.clinical 1of8  dog photo useA1 053

I cannot thank you enough
for your very generous help. 

It’s very much needed
and deeply appreciated.

Most Sincerely,   

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You



  1. To free virtually every humane society world wide of their most expensive problem: animal overpopulation.
  2. To prevent the deaths of the up to 55,000 people who die every year from rabies, the vast majority of whom are infected by being bitten by overpopulated rabid stray dogs in impoverished countries.
  3. To provide government agencies and low income individuals in developing countries, with the  birth control formulas that we develop, to serve as practical and affordable alternatives to labor intensive and expensive, surgical sterilization.
  4. To enable government animal control and rabies control agencies, to reduce their use of inhumane animal control methods, such as the widespread use of deadly poisons. Poison has many severe side effects, including contamination of the environment and the inhumane killing of millions of non-targeted animals such as eagles, foxes and other wildlife.


The mission of 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You is to use cutting edge, non-profit science to humanely end a leading cause of animal suffering: animal overpopulation.By developing long lasting "Super Birth Control" formulas that can be fed to animals, the animal protection community will be able to humanely solve animal overpopulation problems without killing and without surgery.

Just as importantly, our mission is to provide the world with safe, effective and non violent methods of controlling animal populations.

Our approach is to inspire people to volunteer and help keep the formulas non-profit.

There is a place for everyone who wants to help, as we advance the development of long lasting birth control pills for animals - for all species in need - ranging from dogs and cats, to deer and farm animals.

Advisory Board

Mr. Salvatore Cuccia
CPA, Business Analyst  

Ms. Kristina Hancock, Esq.
Chair, American Bar Association Animal Committee

Mr. Yaacov Heller
Sculptor, Silversmith

Her Royal Highness Princess Alia Hussein of Jordan
Founder, Princess Alia Foundation

Andrew Kirschner, Ed.D
Animal Rescue Bar, Founder

Dr. Chinny Krishna
Chairman, Blue Cross of India

Dr. Rajay Kumar, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Lisa Lindsey
Fraternal Order of Eagles

Mr. Joseph Mansueto
CEO, Founder, Morningstar

Andy Mars, Ph.D.
Director, Kids Make A Difference

Mr. Kevin Nealon
Actor, Animal Advocate

Ms. Cassandra Peterson
Actress, Animal Advocate

Dr. Steve Rosen, DDS
Inventor, Philanthropist

Dr. Pia Salk
Psychologist, Animal Advocate

Dr. Christopher Smart, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry, Vassar College

Ms. Beatrice Welles
Beatrice Wells Collection/Orson Welles Estate

Dr. Jeff Young, DVM
Founder, Planned Pethood International