Dog Overpopulation: Can Female Dogs Soon be Sterilized by a 1-Dose, Edible Sterilant?

sadpitbullAnimal lovers, sheltering agencies and rescuers struggling to care for and re-home the endless stream of surplus, unwanted dogs (and cats) all over the world—may find hope in the efforts of a new non-profit organization, 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You, which has been founded by Alex Pacheco, co-founder of PETA and Humane America, with one main mission—to stop dog (and cat) overpopulation. 


"Super Birth Control" pills to end the killing of stray dogs.

New York, NY -- Last month's news that 42,000 stray dogs were shot to death in Baghdad, Iraq, and that there are over one million more strays to go, rekindled interest in the charity called 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You, which is spearheading the development of scientific formulas that can be fed to strays, delivering long lasting birth control to the treated animals, designed to end the stray dog over population. 


Kevin Nealon joins the Advisory Board of 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You!


Kevin has been an animal rights supporter for many years and now brings his support to 600. Millions currently know Kevin as Doug Wilson, on the Showtime hit series "Weeds",and from his ten years as a cast member of the wildly successful TV series, Saturday Night Live.

We welcome Kevin to the Advisory Board,as we team up in our mission to end animal suffering by ending animal over population.